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  1. Halloween Props
    Build Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Rustic-Pumpkin-Lantern/
  2. Halloween Props
    Build Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mini-Pillory-Stocks/
  3. Halloween Props
    Build Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Stackable-Wood-Pumpkins/
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi all. I'm new here, but I love Halloween and do it up right every year. This year we're trying to find instructions on line to build either a very creepy scarecrow (like on Pumpkin Rot) or one of the cool hooded monk looking figures. Every one I see is on Pinterest with no instructions...
  5. Wanted to Buy
    anyone have this manual/assembly instructions?? this was two of the displays from spirit Halloween in 2014
  6. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I recently bought an Ape ani-motion mask and while doing some web surfing on these masks found these videos by CostumeCrazeTV that show: 1) Ani Motion Mask - Repair Instructions for fixing lips and foam tears 2) Mouth Blackout Instructions for Ani Motion Mask Thought they might come in...
  7. Halloween Props
    Second year I have been in charge of the haunt at my son's elementary school. Saw this prop on a You Tube video of Hellmouth Halloween and had to look for instructions on how to build on. In fact we built two drop panels following the instructions from Stiltbeast Studios on You Tube. Probably...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hi, I just purchased Helga the Fortune Teller from a yard sale. There are no instructions on how to put her together in the box. Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to put her together or can anyone tell me how to put her together please? :)
  9. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a used Martha Stewart Life Size Animated Ghost (Originally sold at Grandin Road in 2011) from eBay, and it was missing a very important piece; The instructions. I have been able to pretty much put together the whole lower half just by visualizing what fits...
  10. Halloween Crafts
    Does anyone have a paper mache clay recipe that has worked best for them? I have found several different ones online but I am not happy with the finished look. I made a lifesize seal and he is lumpy. The recipe I used was blown in insulation {paper}, elmer's glue, flour, salt and corn starch...
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi All, I am putting together a Haunters Reference Handbook, that I would make available to everyone for free. Possibly, here if management here will provide a link point. The document would be a "Living Document" that would constantly be updated and hopefully useful for everyone from a...
  12. General Halloween
    Hi. I need some help on making the stick figures from the Blair Witch Project. If anybody has a short list of instructions or anything of that kind it would be much appreciated.