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  1. Hey inflatable people. Questions

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Putting this here as I've just bought my first inflatables and have questions. While they are "halloween" inflatables, we're going to be using them for Christmas, so I didn't want to clutter the general thread. 1: Can you modify inflatables? We'd like to add santa hats, for instance, if...
  2. What's your Halloween game plan?

    General Halloween
    Do you have one? Is there a progression you go through or a schedule you adhere to? For instance, do you start your planning in July, shopping in August, etc.
  3. Favorite Halloween Symbols

    General Halloween
    I'm curious what your favorite Halloween creature or symbol is. For instance, mine would obviously be spiders. What characters/imagery are you most fond of? I already know what some of your answers will be, but I'm curious about the rest.