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  1. Shallow Grave Cemetery 2018 - Garden of Souls

    General Halloween
    Thy soul shall find itself alone. Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone. Not one, of all the crowd, to pry into thine hour of secrecy. The spirits of the dead who stood in life; before thee are again. In death around thee, and their will shall overshadow thee...
  2. VSA v5 dowload

    Halloween Props
    This is my first post, so I apologise if this is in the wrong place. I bought vsa professional version 5 a few years back but didn’t get to use it through many things going on in my life. I have got to a stage where I want to use it now with 2 three axis skulls and to play around with lights for...
  3. Turning skull

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Here a short video I made... I wanted to make a skeleton with a head that would turn without seeing the motor. The Skeleton was a Walgreens or Spirit Halloween. I cut the skull off and install a rod down the spine. I install a reindeer motor in the pelvis area. Reindeer motor will reverse...
  4. Tacking power cords to lawn?

    General Halloween
    I have a couple hundred feet of cords I need to tack to lawn to prevent most tripping (I don't intend for people to be walking over them, but still). I need to put down scores of things that are both easy to install and remove, and ideally won't stab someone or wreck my lawnmower if I miss some...
  5. Other: Stakes on props and lights in artificial turf

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had experience staking props, lights, pathway markers on artificial turf? I have a lot of props and lights and I am about to install turf and obviously don't want to ruin it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Atmosphere Effects: Flicker lights

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys I created a string of lights for a flicker effect. What I did was got an extension cord and installed 5 light receptacle sockets. At the plug I soldered in a fs-2 starter. Right now I am using 5 60w bulbs and find if only 1-2 bulbs are installed it has a nice flicker look (8 flickers...
  7. arduino electronics simulator website

    General Halloween
    For those of you interested in climbing into the world of electronics and arduino micro-controllers, here's a way you can get started for free. https://123d.circuits.io/ While there is some educational material available there, that's not the strength of this website. The real hidden gem here...
  8. Scored free old picket fence, how to install?

    Halloween Props
    my husband and I were taking a ride in the country and saw someone had a huge pile of old picket fencing on a burn pile. We stopped and asked if we could have it . Needless to say we took the Harley home and got my truck, lol. I am going to use most of it on my garden fence but we have So much...