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  1. General Halloween
    Picked this sign up at a thrift store a while ago. I want to make a witch themed tavern sign but need some inspiration. I'm going for a historical/creepy vibe rather than whimsical. Some ideas I've come up with are: "The Confession House" "Half Hanged Mary" "Oyer and Terminer" I would also...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hi all, I am a new member to this forum and happy to be here. I have been building up a Halloween garden haunt for the last few years and am looking forward to taking it to the next level! Hopefully there will be loads to learn here and loads of inspiration to share.
  3. General Halloween
    So it's that time of year where I get into the swing of things with Halloween projects and I always like some inspiration in the form of YouTube videos! One channel I really like is Hollywood Haunter, but I definitely would like a new one to watch if anyone knows of some!
  4. Halloween Props
    This year's theme is Medieval/Castle/vikings. I am thinking a turret castle with a drawbridge for my entrance. I have a big old barn where I hold my party and build the appropriate theme entrance where guest walk in. Does anyone have pictures of things they have done for inspiration? My height...
  5. Halloween Props
    Hello all - I finally am getting around to posting a brief video of last year's setup. This was taken the night before Halloween and does not have footage of the massive amounts of fog we put out and the hundred of kids that showed up. I also should have pulled the car out of the driveway before...
  6. Halloween Props
    This year I added a new set of entrance columns to my haunt. My inspiration was the entrance columns to the Disney Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. I wanted to add a gate but ran out of time. I used of a lot of the techniques found in the youtube links listed at the end of the post. I built my...
  7. Halloween Props
    A quick and easy DIY project. I used a skeleton from Walmart, which screws together. You'll also need a pumpkin bucket, some black acrylic paint (because the face was barely painted at all), and some lights - I'm using two "amber" color Mr Beams porch step lights from Home Depot, because I...
  8. Member Introduction
    Hello from Canada! I have always loved Halloween! I'm a newb at diy Halloween props. Trying to build up my decor each year. I look forward to getting some inspiration from the forum!
  9. Member Introduction
    Happy to join the Halloween Forum as we've seen a lot of fabulous posts on Pinterest over the years that bear the HF watermark. My husband, three kids and I build on our pirate costumes and porch decor a little bit every year since moving to Northern California almost four years ago. We love...
  10. Member Introduction
    Hey there, Kaz here from Melbourne Australia. Have done a variety of parties over the years, but last year was our first bigger public trick or treat haunt. We had a zombie scare area, a blood room, a witches corridor and a child friendly glow in the dark radiation zone. Turns out more...
  11. Member Introduction
    HI Everyone! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community. I love to decorate for Halloween and am always looking for inspiration. :D
  12. Member Introduction
    I’ve been reading the forums for the past year for inspiration for our front yard. I figured it was time to sign up and join the conversations.
  13. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone - this is my first post here after lurking for several years. I'd like to say thanks for all of the inspiration and ideas. This is a great place. The column on the left has a moving leering skeleton that I built in 2016. This year, I made a new column, with some modifications and...
  14. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We are currently contemplating the production of a Community Halloween Party for 2020. Halloween falls on a Saturday that year and it would be the 20th anniversary of our first Halloween Party in our home. There is a perfect facility that can be rented near us that would hold several hundred...
  15. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I did an asylum theme this past Halloween. I just got around to posting the pictures in my HF albums. I get a lot of inspiration from this website, so I wanted to share my pics and hopefully they will give someone some ideas for a future party or haunt!. See them all in my Winter Oaks 2017...
  16. Member Introduction
    Hi, I'm Phillip from Dallas Halloween has always been my favorite holiday and this year was the first time I was able to create a yard haunt in my front yard thanks to all the inspiration and how-to's I found on this forum. Can't wait to start building more props for next year! Cheers.
  17. Wanted to Buy
    Hi guys! I've lurked around here for a month or so (only registered recently) and am finally able to dip my toes into the pool of creativity you amazing folks have supplied. I've cleared my schedule and am going to make a Halloween soiree the highlight of my year. About a year ago I purchased...
  18. Halloween Props
    A while back I bought a mask off Ebay called the Tree Witch. It's one of my favorites and has been staring at me from the shelf so I thought it might be time to try and bring it to life. My inspiration came from ,of all places, a trip to the transfer station where I found these "][/URL] Placed...
  19. General Halloween
    Do you have any certain YouTube videos that you watch for inspiration? I like to look at PumkinRot, Stolloween, and a few more. Which ones do you like to look at for prop and set builds, characters, general creepiness? Thanks
  20. Halloween Props
    So who is doing an alien scene or has done one? I think this year I want to do one. I would like to see what your scenes looked like I am trying to get some inspiration for mine. I want to make a UFO but what I found online kinda sucked.
1-20 of 55 Results