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  1. Aluminum soldering flux. No US vendors?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm soldering longer leads to a gum stick, 40mm x 12mm x 4mm, lithium polymer, 3.7v battery, and I recently discovered that the leads coming out of the battery are aluminum, so in order to solder them, I need to be using a flux designed for aluminum. Okay, no problem so far. Online, I'm...
  2. HD Skeleton Horse Help

    Halloween Props
    For those with the Home Depot Skeleton horse with the saddle and a rider, how are you getting the Skelton rider to stay on the saddle? For the last 2 years, I have used fishing line in all sorts of ways to make it stay, even then a small breeze causes it to topple over. Any insight and...
  3. volunteers for haunted house venue?

    General Halloween
    Good Evening All! I'm new here and I'm contemplating starting a Halloween haunt next year. I notice many existing (and very successful) haunts use or advertise "volunteers". How can any business rely on volunteers? What's the incentive for the volunteer? Of course I need to do everything...
  4. Sirius XM Radio

    Halloween Music
    Hi folks! Not sure if this has been discussed before - apologies if it has. Does anyone else still have Sirius XM radio? I still do and for the past few years they always have some kind of Halloween Station around Halloween...sometimes up to a week or so, but I can never find the schedule...
  5. Halloween and Party Expo 2015

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Anybody attending this weekend and care to share any insight into what you see? Thanks! :D
  6. Hi Everyone!!

    Member Introduction
    I just joined the forum, with Halloween as my FAVORITE holiday I am looking forward to getting many ideas and insight from all you very talented people:)
  7. Other: Insane Asylum scene help!!!

    Halloween Props
    Me and another guy are doing an insane asylum/mental hospital scene. We are thinking about making padded walls but we're not sure how to go about this. Do you guys have any insight on this? Any ideas how we should decorate the room?