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  1. General Halloween
    Happy New Year to everyone on our Halloween Forum, Can you believe that it is only 289 more Days until Halloween 2019? Before you know it, it will be here and Gone. Well.....may be not that quickly, but.....Time sure seems to be Flying as we all get older. Ok......sooooo I am really really...
  2. Halloween Props
    So I am redoing my graveyard pillars this year, I am using the brick Paneling from lowes. It's a wood material. So my question is can I use Thompsons waterseal to waterproof it? Should I use something else? Also the insides of the pillars have electrical outlets in them. I am thinking of...
  3. Halloween Props
    Making giant spiders for the porch. I am a firefighter and had a bunch of retired helmets to get rid of...the spiders are made from the foam helmet insides. Will post more as I get them done. :cool:
  4. Halloween Props
    I was going to post this in Step-by-Step Tutorials but I guess since it's a video it goes here(?) This is a combo of a prop, fog chiller and explanation. Not really a photo tutorial how-to. I shot this taking down my haunt . So I winged it. It shows and explains the insides of a DIY Vortex...
1-4 of 4 Results