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  1. Homemade haunted house in Phoenix, AZ

    Hey all, sorry if this is against the rules or something but I've been building an independent garage haunt for the past four years, open on Halloween only and free to all comers. We've been steadily building a good sized audience and trying to make it better each year. This year we're planning...
  2. Spirit Halloween on Facebook @SpiritHalloween

    General Halloween
    Does anybody ever talked to Jack (the reaper dude) on Facebook almost all the time besides me? Either I have OCD or I am insane, but Jack is kinda cute for a Halloween icon. ;) :o Any who, I am that type of person that celebrates halloween almost every day, stays in Spirit stores all day, kinda...
  3. 2015 Insane Asylum Halloween Party!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So after 3 years, I've decided to add a theme to my Halloween parties. I came across these theme on here while searching posts and fell in love with it, so thank you to all you past Insane Asylum party throwers!! I'm starting this thread to keep all my ideas in one spot and to hopefully contain...
  4. Other: Insane Asylum scene help!!!

    Halloween Props
    Me and another guy are doing an insane asylum/mental hospital scene. We are thinking about making padded walls but we're not sure how to go about this. Do you guys have any insight on this? Any ideas how we should decorate the room?
  5. Desoto Asylum 2013

    General Halloween
    For 2013 I was trying to put more decoration and theme into the haunt. Were as previous years there was nothing to look at, the haunt was nothing but people jumping out. I'm really proud of the improvements I have made this year. Made a better candy area, a witches hut. I stuck an electric...
  6. Asylum Haunters!

    General Halloween
    Hello I thought it would be cool if we had one post to all share anything and everything pertaining to Asylum’s. Home haunter's and pro haunter's, Please share your Asylum pictures, videos, props, story’s, links, finds, buys, etc… I’ll start with a few pictures from my 2012 haunt, Desoto...
  7. Insane Asylum (NEED SOME IDEAS)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm actually using this idea for my 16th birthday, doubled as a halloween party. I plan on having people over on Saturday night, and having my house set up as an insane asylum. Later we're going to drive down to Pennhurst Asylum. All lights in the house will be shut off, except a couple that...
  8. Mechanical: Crate, Round 2

    Halloween Props
    Here are some rendered pics of a crate I am hoping to get around to building. I usually use solid works for all my props because it allows me to make changes if I don't like how it turned out. As of right now the inside is empty but I am planning on rigging it with a cam system on a wiper motor...