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  1. Grimed Up

    Close-up of grime accents added to transformer
  2. Transformer in Haunt

    A transformer in the wild
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. Problem: Your garage haunt has an opening to the outdoors. Two rather BIG openings. You thought tarps would do it but alas, they look awful. You go to Transworld and gawk at the...
  4. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. Here's a space filler for large voids or openings in your haunt. Plus they look cool too: These were large cardboard boxes given a makeover using paint and monster mud. Please watch...
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hoeabiger Origa 16" Linear Air Slide Cylinder (used) Halloween Prop Pneumatics Industrial ebay item 264275930518 for sale by : thehobbyshop Thanks for looking.
  6. Member Introduction
    Not a shock that I was a MonsterKid, growing up in the 1970's, reading Famous Monsters of Filmland, watching for old movies in the TV Guide, and staying up late on Saturdays to watch local horror hosts. I began making short movies on my dads Super-8 camera, each with a horror or monster trend...
  7. Halloween Props
    So I pieced together an electric chair that has become the talk of last few neighborhoods that have seen it over the past few years. Each year, I try to add a little to it. Last year, I made a switch panel, but didn't quite get it finished and working to my desired result. The switch panel is...
  8. Halloween Music
    I am looking for a nice mix of industrial / factory / butcher / laboratory ambient effects to use with my hybrid asylum theme. I am already eyeballing some from Poison Props and Gore Galore. TabletopAudio has a handful of nice choices too. I haven't gone through the standard Midnight...
  9. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have used these for years in a psycho doctor scene where my victim jumps off the gurney and scares the shnit out of 'em These are very real and industrial strength. $50.00 plus shipping from Glendale AZ 85301 5 pounds.
  10. For Sale By Merchants
    Kit comes with Industrial Knife, 4" and 6" straight blades, Sled Guide with replaceable 12" shapeable grooving blade, four easy to hand-shape 12" round and flat blades for creative cutting, all in a sturdy Carrying Case. Unlike the cheaper models (with the same price tag) our new 6" Industrial...
  11. Halloween Music
    Rather than my usual instrumental or spoken-word route, I wrote this little gothic metal song about a mad scientist and his creation. I call it Mechanical Heart.
  12. Blog
    Electrical transformers are accents you could use in a laboratory scene or electrical room at your haunt. You can make these using some funny things around your workshop. Hey, just like a mad doctor would :p For a quick rundown of how to put this together, please check this video out...
  13. Blog
    Steel I-beams are critical set pieces for an industrial/factory room in your haunt. Luckily, they are fairly simple to make using foam. Plus, they are just fun to have around the house. heheh. Here's a video of them scattered around the basement: Items Needed: (to make 6) One sheet...
  14. Blog
    Czech Hedgehogs are a military defensive barrier that are easy to replicate using 2x4's and one wood screw. Yeah! :D Use them plopped outside the haunt to add a fast military look or for the base of an elaborate display. Below, they are in a minefield/queue line: Here's a quick video...
  15. Blog
    Here's a fake old factory glass window (55" tall x 53" wide) that will add an industrial look to your haunt. You can easily change up the size to fit your needs. I used the basic idea from TDK421 and adapted it for a wall that has no window. Here's TDK421's awesome idea...
  16. Blog
    Here's a way to take the brand new prop you made with new materials and dirty it up so it looks like it's covered with years of grime. This also works great for everyday items you use in your haunt to help them blend in. Pictures that compliment the video: The amp on the left looked...
21-36 of 36 Results