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  1. Halloween door decor

    General Halloween
    Hey all! So for the last two years my friend and I decorated the door to my apartment using paper. It’s come to be the background kids take their Halloween photos in front of, so it’s important for me to get right. This year I’d like to make the living room It opens into, into Frankenstein’s...
  2. 'Quoth the Raven' music room (lots of pics)

    General Halloween
    This is my second year turning my foyer/music room into a tribute to Poe. It's my favorite part of my Halloween decorating :D The wall art of the entire Raven poem is a DIY project found here. It turns out GORGEOUS and shows up so beautifully in blacklight (trust me when I say pictures can't...
  3. Static: Indoor Forest?

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I have seen some amazing spooky trees on here, and while I would love to get into celluclay, I'm on a bit of a space constraint. I'm currently living in an apartment, and I have a small hallway that I would like to create some sort of forest on one of the walls. Currently my idea is to...
  4. Halloween Crafts, Ceramics, Decorations: Coupon + Sale

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I'm including a special coupon code for my Etsy shop, RJGOriginals, that will be good through the end of July. If you use HALLOWEENFORUM at checkout, you get 10% off of your order. However, if you hold out until July 29, I'm holding a three day only Halloween sale where all Halloween...
  5. Indoor decor

    VAMPIRE HUNTER SLAYER KIT I love the traditional characters and themes of Halloween - Jack o' lanterns, ghosts, witches, black cats, bats, skeletons and of course - vampires! And like most of us - decorating for Halloween is usually and mainly an "out-of-doors" activity. But soon you may get a...