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  1. Prop Sale!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Located in Massachusetts and will ship anywhere within the US. I accept payment by PayPal only for the security of both parties. Thanks! -Grandin Road 9ft Towering Macabre Witch *SOLD* Prop Masters Props- These are extremely high-quality hand made props that are incredibly hard to come by...
  2. 13 Scariest Classical Songs Of Halloween

    Halloween Music
    Here's the download link including graphic: https://app.box.com/s/ocbj2p9gt2pgtkd11kp5xatalu6cjdd1
  3. Pneumatic: Circus Wagon in the works

    Halloween Props
    I'm doing a carnival theme this year and wanted a Circus Wagon. After lots of research I came up with something I thought would work. With the exception of the sign, which is a slot machine topper I picked up in Vegas, most everything was made from scratch, including the wheels. I'll have it...
  4. Probably one of the rarest of all Halloween Albums Ever

    Halloween Music
    THE MONSTER ALBUM DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/j0mikmgjr8q7fqbcv4ls9pqsii5bo3hc * * * Dickie Goodman was most famous for doing "break-in" novelty records, although he made many other types of recordings. His son Jon Goodman assembled this Halloween compilation. Actually a few...
  5. Let's Play: Identify that Baby Bucky!

    General Halloween
    I had no idea there were two similar fetal skeleton models on the market that, although very similar in appearance and price, are not the same. Figured if I was confused, others might be as well. First, I bought this version (identified by the mounting hardware including springs on mandible)...
  6. Favorite Halloween Decoration

    Wanted to Buy
    This was my favorite Halloween Decoration...it was a cloth poster my sister painted for me, I think it was from Artex Markers or something like that...does anyone know what it was called or where I might find one? I've looked EVERYWHERE including Ebay and Amazon for years....any help would be...
  7. Halloween Theme Parks

    General Halloween
    Has anyone attended a large theme park Halloween show? Although this one's at the opposite end of the country for me, apparently Canada's Wonderland in Toronto has a huge Halloween Haunt. Never been to one myself but looks like a large number of attractions and numerous scare zones including a...