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  1. Shindigz Banner sale - starting at 9.99, ends Mon. 5/20

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Shindigz has a Banner Sale going on. $5 off with banners starting at 9.99. Banner Sale ends Monday, 5/20. No code needed. I've designed a number of banners over the years on their site for use with my haunt (Brain research lab, carnival and side shows, and this years dino theme). My favorite...
  2. Lighting: candle help and ideas

    Halloween Props
    I recently had a conversation with a friend that works at a custom lighting company. Some of her lamps have plastic candles. She has been throwing away the extra ones. She just gave me my first batch of the leftover candles. They already have factory candle wax drips on them. They also come with...
  3. Ceramic Ghost tealight holders

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been looking for two tealight holders I had in the late 80's. I've found their smaller versions, but want to find the larger pair. They are from Cannon Falls and came in two sizes: 6-ish inch versions and larger 12-ish inch versions. I am not great at computer manipulation, but I...
  4. Parts for your own Horse Drawn Hearse

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi there, Well, I had every intention in the world of building my own Horse Drawn Hearse, but.....have purchased a Real Hearse instead. Yup......I finally found and bought an actual Older Hearse, so I really have no need for any of the parts that I have been collecting for the past year or more...
  5. Static: Davis Graveyard Cathedral

    Halloween Props
    I have a few ideas concerning how the Davis Graveyard built their amazing cathedral but I was trying to work out some technical details. I was thinking we could share ideas here and learn from each other. First I know they fit all the foam piece together with classic wood working joints like...
  6. It never fails......

    General Halloween
    Wednesday 10/31 - 80% / Scattered thunderstorms in the morning becoming more widespread in the afternoon. Chance of rain 80%. Wednesday Night 10/31 - 100% / Thunderstorms in the evening will give way to partly cloudy skies overnight. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall near an inch. Locally heavy...
  7. Pneumatic: Questions about running penumatic hose & tubing

    Halloween Props
    So I'm doing a zombie fence shaker this year and it's my first-ever pneumatic prop. I got an 18gal compressor off Craigslist and will have that 50ft away so hopefully the noise doesn't ruin the rest of my scene. Connecting with a 3/8 inch hose to this flow control connector. Controlled by a...
  8. Who has the best price on lighted blowmold pumpkins?

    General Halloween
    I know some people hate em, but they're turning out to be a key part of my display, and I need a few more. I bet that Wally World will end up being the cheapest option in my neck of the woods. Typically you'll pay $10 for a 9 or 10 inch lighted pumpkin. I found these last night at Lowe's for...
  9. Mechanical: Linear actuator

    Halloween Props
    A question for anyone with experience with these. Are they available with faster or slower speeds. Seem the ones I have seen go about 1/2 inch per second. That seems very slow. Anyone have a source for faster?
  10. Prop Builders Grab Bag $20

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I was installing some new shelving this last week and cleaning up a bit and once again, some things have to go. Up for grabs is a lot of PVC fittings and other misc parts. Some of these parts are new, some were used in our shop, and some are seconds (discolored) but they are all good usable...
  11. Good Cold Porcelain recipe

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I found this really good cold porcelain recipe: http://www.things-to-make-and-do.co.uk/sculpting-and-modelling/cold-porcelain-clay/cold-porcelain-clay.html It has a really nice bone colored kind of translucent finish. It can be feathered. i haven't painted it with anything yet, but it seems...
  12. Tacking power cords to lawn?

    General Halloween
    I have a couple hundred feet of cords I need to tack to lawn to prevent most tripping (I don't intend for people to be walking over them, but still). I need to put down scores of things that are both easy to install and remove, and ideally won't stab someone or wreck my lawnmower if I miss some...
  13. Also looking to buy 58 inch talking tombstone from Costco

    Wanted to Buy
    I am also looking for the 58 inch talking Costco tombstone. Please PM me if you have one you want to sell. Please contact member jwii2000 first. He posted first. If there are still any available I would like to get one. I live in Atlanta. Thanks
  14. Mechanical: Leering Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    I got really bored today and thought I would start an easy project while I'm waiting on my supply for the zombie cage to come in. So here is my Leering Skeleton thus far. I had all of the supplys on hand so I thought what the heck. I started with a 24 x 24 inch square of ply wood that I built a...
  15. Static: Old TV Props

    Halloween Props
    Thought you people would enjoy the old TV's I have and im going to use as props for setting up my living room for Halloween. I set my dining room up already. 13" color set 25" Console Here is a 1958 Dumont, 21 inch, im fully restoring. Has a new picture tube and all new tubes now
  16. 9 inch spirit ball

    Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for a 9 inch spirit ball.. I don't need a working one I just need the ball/bowl in reasonable condition
  17. animated gemmy fortune witch

    Wanted to Buy
    looking to know if, the ball containing the skull is a 9 inch ball? anyone have a defective one(skull in the ball or just the ball itself) they are trying to part with?
  18. mini mini ground LED spotlight

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    A little spotlight design I came up with that has a little twist compared to a lot of others I have seen. First off the materials! 12v pre wired 5mm LED's. (I got a 50 pack of different colors off of amazon for $8) 1/4th inch PEX tube (Sold next to the PVC pipe at home depot, $3 for a 5ft...
  19. heads up harry franky frankenstein version

    Wanted to Buy
    found it..ignore this thread
  20. When your 1920's fan decides to blow up in the middle of the night

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Maybe it's time, to, oh I don't know, SERVICE IT. Man what a mess, and I still didn't get bearings rebuilt quite right but it's running again. I love this little ten inch 2 speed fan.