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  1. halloween props for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    http://stores.ebay.com/5jhalloween/ make your offers here on the forum no reasonable offers refused don't ask for "FREE" shipping. That does NOT exist. reply or PM me if you don't get a reply, its probably because I know who you are and I am NOT impressed with your flakiness...
  2. 2016 Spirit Halloween

    General Halloween
    I went with the kids to Spirit Halloween tonight. I haven't been impressed with any thing they have put out in several years. I have to admit, tonight I was really impressed with the new props and the general atmosphere of the store. I haven't bought anything in years but tonight I dropped a...
  3. Mechanical: My Leer V3 Ghost

    Halloween Props
    With special thanks to Heresjohnny for both the original inspiration as well as a little extra help in the technical department, here is my version of his Leer V3 ghost. I made a few modifications, most noteably standing it upright and reversing the arm linkages. After making it, I'm even more...
  4. hobby lobby. not impressed

    General Halloween
    a hobby lobby just opened on Friday her in my town just got to it last night and as the tile say's I was not impressed with a name like hobby lobby I thought there obouvsly would be more things for the hobbyist not so much home décor, ohh and I swung into shopco while I was as they had...