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  1. Free Halloween Invites You Can Fully Edit on Computer

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Those of you who have been on here for ages will have already seen some of these from years' past, but I wanted to go ahead and round them up right here in one post to share. I've also changed up the way I do my free prints and turned them into fully editable PDFs to make it super easy to...
  2. HF not resizing images for upload?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Anyone else receiving an error with image size during uploads? I'm trying to update my posts and have been using the same mobile images as before, however, I'm now receiving an error that the images are unable to be resized and that I'll have to do it manually. I post to multiple forums and...
  3. Halloween projecting questions

    Halloween Props
    windowfx halloween projecting had anyone used this and know whether its as good as the atmosfearfx projecting? I cant seem to get my projector to work for atmosfearfx so I thought about this instead cause it looks easy. anyone have any input on quality of image and what not of this? thanks for...
  4. Disney Sing Along Songs Happy Haunting Dvd Audio Rip

    Halloween Music
    Disney Sing Along Songs: Happy Haunting Children as young as two will have a ball when Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy -- and other favorite Disney friends -- throw a party inside Disneyland's Haunted Mansion! There's plenty to do: pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, cooking with Goofy -- even...
  5. Electronic/Software: Video Projector - What do you suggest?

    Halloween Props
    I don't know why this never occurred to me before. Our house has the PERFECT front-facing window on which to project a FearFX image. Yet I've never done it. That changes this year. I don't mind spending a buck, but am quite clueless as to how much brightness we will need. My question; how many...
  6. Lighting: Rear Projection Through Window Question

    Halloween Props
    Hello! I went to the fabric store recently and bought some chiffon to rear project a ghost "hologram" in a window, and did some testing last night. The overall effect on the fabric was decent, but I noticed the glass of the window creates a double image that really spoils the effect from some...
  7. Hello HalloweenForum!

    Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone. :) I'm Tok- I have been running a charity haunt in our local mall for the last 15 years- and consider myself a bit of a specialist at scaring people with an almost non-existent budget. :o Some of our bigger (yet affordable!) projects have been made into youtube videos...
  8. Fresh meat.

    Member Introduction
    Hi! I collect sci-fi & horror related things. A Pumpkinhead image brought me here.
  9. wanted vulture on a bent lamp post

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    image 1 Any body seen one of these? if you have one to sell let me know what you want for it
  10. Voodoo Witch Doctor

    Hello everyone, I hope your Halloween was awesome! We had a big turn out at our Voodoo Swamp home haunt and I just wanted to share an image of my costume , the Voodoo Witch Doctor. Our haunt is guided and I was the guide. The costume got great reactions. Cheeseweasel
  11. Electronic/Software: 8' tall projection display!

    Halloween Props
    This was my first year using projection as a means of displaying a haunt. So I decided to build two 8' pillars and rear project onto it. I absolutely wanted no light bleed and as dark an image as possible in the blacks which I have achieved here. I'm pleased and will be adding more projection...
  12. Static: Clown entrance almost done

    Halloween Props
    I will have fog coming out of the mouth with red backlighting. The front will be lit with a spot and a strobe and scary carnival music will be playing. I copied the image from the internet - I believe the creator is a fellow forum member - Keith Corcoran? If so, thanks Keith
  13. Atmosphere Effects: Rear projection- El cheapo style

    Halloween Props
    Tonight I tested what I thought was good material for rear (or front) projection- plastic table cloths. Now you can buy this at any party store or walmart/target/etc. and maybe even in the $0.99 stores. As such, I got these at walmart: $0.97 for the black, and $1.47 for the white 3pack (they ran...