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  1. Spooky Custom Portraits

    For Sale By Merchants
    Our daughter is an amazing artist that loves all things Halloween. Last year, our annual Halloween party was themed as a NIGHTmare AT THE MUSEUM and she painted a portrait of our fictitious museum founder, Archibald Pennington, that we hung above the fireplace. She also does caricature...
  2. Hi from Slovenia

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! I am very happy to be here with you :D My name is Darja. I am an illustrator from Slovenia and I love halloween! I also run my own online shop (halloween/fantasy designs on clothes, mugs, buttons,...).
  3. Scary Strories to Tell in the Dark Books

    Horror Discussion
    This morning, I visited Pumpkin Rot's blog and checked out the article concerning the illustration changes now being made to the classic children's ghost story books "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". All 3 of the books in the series have been a huge influance and part of my early growth in...