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    Testing so please ignore... ;) :rolleyes:
  2. 2018 Might well be our last display ...

    General Halloween
    We're in the UK and have been doing a display in our front garden (yard) since 2014. In the five years it's grown a little with gravestones, earth breakers, full skeletons, occasionally a fog machine, and this year I had an Atmosfear projection in the window, so nothing fancy and pretty basic...
  3. Flamethrower for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    15' Maser Master Blaster Flamethrower for sale. New and unused. 100' remote controlled, propane. The hottest and coolest prop you will ever own. Turn your event into an impulse item! You can ignore big signs and flashing lights but you can't ignore a giant ball of fire! $899 delivered George -...
  4. Static: Old Rusty Steel Doors

    Halloween Props
    Hello! Is it January ALREADY!? Crap, better get back to work! Recently I just had to use some new tools that Santa left under the tree (framing nail gun!), so with some spare wood, I created what could become the center piece of a room in next year's haunt! First step, framing. These doors...
  5. Trick or Treat...During Mandated Hours Only?!?!?!?!

    General Halloween
    My son lives in Lakewood, Wa, a suburb of Tacoma. Speaking with him today, he noted that certain areas of the Seattle-Tacoma area are going to implement "hours" during which Trick or Treating will be allowed. In one area, the designated time is between 3:00 and 5:00 PM. WHAAATTT? He's going...
  6. Quick test, you can ignore me.

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    This topic isn't particularly important, please ignore.