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  1. Calling all Yard Haunters need your expertise!

    General Halloween
    Sorry for the lack of posts and reply's to threads but I have been setting up my yard for this years decorations!. This is my first year doing this by myself and I need ideas for my yard and I have a nice budget so throw anything at me and I will consider every comment on this Thread. I hear you...
  2. Static: Help: Toybox of Terror theme running out of steam

    Halloween Props
    Our yard theme for this year is "Toybox of Terror!!!" When we thought of it, it seemed like there were endless possibilities. Now that I'm a few months into building, I'm running out of ideas. Here's what we have so far: Giant Jack in the Box Huge yellow rubber duck with scary teeth 6ft tall...
  3. Static: WHAT CAN i MAKE FROM THIS ?

    Halloween Props
    My sister and I both LOVE Halloween. She is always on the look out for items I can make into props and she is my go to for makeup and latex work. She works at a large national grocery chain and brought home this item and sent me pictures. The good news is it folds flat for now, but what can I do...
  4. Halloween Costume Help!!

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Basically this year my costume is going to be a sort of punkish ragdoll. I am planning to make a large tag to wrap around my arm and am going to draw stiches on my wrists and each side of my mouth with other make up details too. Currently I have a petticoat as a sort of tutu, long striped socks...