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ideas please

  1. Lighting: What can I do with 35 21" T5 Bulbs?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, Someone at work ordered the wrong type of bulbs, so now I have 35 of these 21" flourescent bulbs. I figure I can color them pretty easily, and I've been reading about how to make them flicker with dimmer switches, so I'm basically looking for any ideas to jump off what I can do...
  2. Static: Archway Ideas?

    Halloween Props
    I'm thinking of adding an archway to my cemetery, I don't want it to say Cemetery (too cliche') I may or may not want it to be able to be disassembled for easy storage so suggest away :) We have a black fence thing with little skulls every other pike along the yard with creepy tiki lights on the...
  3. Other: HELP tree split in three, recycling branches/limbs ideas?

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I have this huge bradford pear tree in my front yard where I hang my swinging possessed girl, a bunch of spanish moss, and most importantly my lights! It was a huge atmospheric centerpiece to my yard. We had a 45 minute storm that was surprisingly short but powerful and it no only knocked...
  4. Evil Circus Ideas...???

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey guys and gals I'll be having an evil circus themed party for my 30th with a freak show element to it but really dont know where to start!! First i'd like an idea for invites. Any ideas for that?? Then i gotta deck out the backyard with scary stuff that doesnt really cross into Halloween...
  5. Pumpkin carving contest

    General Halloween
    :confused: So there is a pumpkin carving contest at my school tomorrow. We are in groups of 3. For my group our theme will be Dont Drink and Drive. :eek: These are some really bad drawings which I have made of the 3 different pumpkins we will have. You dont have to have a theme but you get...