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  1. I need ideas. The bigger the better.

    General Halloween
    Hey guys, Im new the forum and I need some ideas. I've been thinking about what to do this year for months but im still indecisive. I want to incorporate the house as much as possible. I need something extreme, the bigger the better. Any themes you guys think that would work with the house?
  2. What's YOUR Haunt for 2015?

    General Halloween
    Alright, Time to talk Haunts for 2015! Post your haunt ideas and your theme down bellow for all of us to see! :D Here is mine It's called Apocalyptic Dungeon. I came up with this because of the fact that dungeons are always so creepy and scary (well not to me :rolleyes: ) I made a little...
  3. Hello

    Member Introduction
    Hello all, New here looking for a Halloween costume ideas. Hope we can all help each other out:D
  4. Other: Thoughts on creepy baby bassinet! HELP!

    Halloween Props
    I have been searching for a bassinet and can not find one anywhere at a cheap price. Any type would do, would reallly like an antique style with wheels but worse case, How can I go about just building me one?
  5. Other: Drop down mirror/wall HOW TO help!!

    Halloween Props
    Looking to build a mirror that drops down so that an actor can pop out from behind it. What would be the easiest way to build? Anyone have a video or photo?