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  1. Other Interest in Halloween Icons?

    Halloween Crafts
    Any interest in a Halloween icon set for PC/ Mac and Android? Sample on this
  2. 80's Halloween Bash

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi Everyone! I have decided to have a party this year based on "An 80's Halloween", and while I definitely want to include some 80's cheesiness in this theme, I want it to still have scary Halloween elements. I've done an internet search on 80's Halloween parties, but they definitely...
  3. Cool Halloween Carnival Ride!

    General Halloween
    This past weekend they had a carnival close to where I live they had it on a church parking lot, they had their usual rides I started walking closer to the beer garden/ food tent and saw this amazing mural it had a ton of horror icons on it, it was actually some kind of ride called Fear Factory...
  4. Halloween's Seven Mascots

    General Halloween
    Valentines Day has cupid. Easter has the bunny. Christmas has Santa Claus, reindeer, Frosty, and numerous other. Heck, even Groundhog Day has Phil. But what about Halloween? We were able to count no more than seven Halloween mascots. Did we miss any?