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  1. Other Interest in Halloween Icons?

    Halloween Crafts
    Any interest in a Halloween icon set for PC/ Mac and Android? Sample on this
  2. Spirit Halloween on Facebook @SpiritHalloween

    General Halloween
    Does anybody ever talked to Jack (the reaper dude) on Facebook almost all the time besides me? Either I have OCD or I am insane, but Jack is kinda cute for a Halloween icon. ;) :o Any who, I am that type of person that celebrates halloween almost every day, stays in Spirit stores all day, kinda...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Found this light at biglots today---pretty cool

    Halloween Props
    My wife picked this up for me today. On my way back to get a couple more. All plastic and led. 12$.
  4. So Many!!!

    General Halloween
    I think I could paint one horror icon a day for a year, and still not get them all! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.687587141354306.1073741835.515398161906539&type=3
  5. Other Make me an icon craft contest

    Halloween Crafts
    Hello All, My forum handle is Candy Creature, but I have no picture, icon, avatar or whatever you call it to represent me. I am sick of this situation so I thought that I would start a contest to design one for me and post it in the craft section. What do you picture when you hear “Candy...