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  1. Foam, Foam and more Foam

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hello Home Haunters, I have a plethora of styrofoam ice boxes. Ill add pics later. If you in the LA area let me know I have like 15 or 20 of them. I just want to give them away for free. They are good for making fog chillers. message me here or netherworldforest at G mail dot com
  2. Quick & Easy Fire & Ice Shrouds

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    If you're like me, you hate seeing the light source from the sides of Fire & Ice Lights. Here's a quick easy way to make shrouds for them to eliminate that problem. Cut down a 12 ounce Styrofoam cup to 2-1/2". Apply a couple coats of flat black craft paint to the outside. When it's dry, slip it...
  3. Interactive Cauldron

    General Halloween
    Has anyone ever cast “pretend” spells in a cauldron to entertain trick or treaters on Halloween? Last year we put dry ice in our cauldron, pretending to cast a poison Apple spell, but I’m looking for something a bit more reactive or interesting this year.. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on...
  4. Fog: Cadaver Crypt Fog Chiller

    Halloween Props
    This is a fog chiller Cadaver Crypt I made. Behind one of the skulls is a fan to bring fresh air into the fog machine and the other 7 are where the fog exits. Inside there is also space for ice to cool the fog.
  5. Help Needed: Tengchang 1500w Low Lying Smoke Fog Dry Ice Effect Machine

    General Halloween
    So I purchased this Tengchang 1500w low lying fog machine as it was reviewed as being one of the best on the market, but when I got it there was no instruction manual. I contacted the seller but there appears to be a language barrier. So here are my questions, do I unscrew the back panel to...
  6. Fog: Survey - what chills your fog?

    Halloween Props
    Cubed ice? Block ice? Dry ice? Frozen water bottles? Something else? Looking for ideas.
  7. Other: Glowing cauldron potion

    Halloween Props
    Ditched the clunky great stuff goo cover for our witch's cauldron and made something with a bit more wow factor. Pretty simple, just a plexiglass disc textured with hot glue and a fire and ice light underneath. I say simple, because I already had the base I hid the fire and ice light in so all I...
  8. New Technology Ground Fog Machine - Chauvet Cumulus

    General Halloween
    It's expensive at $1400 so let's just say that up front....There are tons of chillers on the market from the ones most of us use with ice to the mega expensive built in air condition units to C02 based chilling units....For years, I've watched the market for something that doesn't need constant...
  9. Post_Halloween Home Depot Lighting 75% off

    General Halloween
    Fire and Ice RRO $5 https://www.homedepot.com/p/LightShow-Fire-and-Ice-Red-Orange-Spotlight-56777/205832727?MERCH=REC-_-rv_cart_rr-_-NA-_-205832727-_-N Fire and Ice GGO $5 https://www.homedepot.com/p/LightShow-10-24-in-Spot-Light-Fire-and-Ice-GGO-Stake-Set-57267/206762493 Gemmy Purple 2 pack -...
  10. Backyard Party - Dry Ice, Other Tips

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey All, This year is our 7th Halloween party and after most people spent more time on our back deck at last year's party than inside (where most of the decorations were), I'm going to focus on the yard. Since I'll be outdoors I'm thinking of playing with dry ice, but wanted to hear what...
  11. Fog: Waht kind of fogger is this?

    Halloween Props
    Got this off Craigslist and I assume it's some kind of ground fogger with the wide opening. My question is do you put ice in the top hatch? There's a metal "mesh" in there at an angle sloping forward. I didn't want to put ice in there and then have water running around inside as it melted...
  12. Fog Chiller Ice Idea

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Has anybody ever tried taking one of those 24 packs of drinking water (or however many it takes to fill your chiller), freezing them, using that for your fog chiller ice and then refreezing and re-using indefinitely (or until you got really thirsty)? Seems like that would give plenty of...
  13. Static: Need Ideas for REAL Casket

    Halloween Props
    So I was able to secure a real casket for super cheap (picking up tomorrow), and I am seeking creative ways to best utilize it during our big Halloween party. One idea was to make it into my ice chest to keep beer and sodas in... and of course I could always have a person or skeleton in there...
  14. Lighting: Best fire and ice light?

    Halloween Props
    Where have you found your best quality fire and ice light? Looking to buy to put on our balcony, but I'm not sure whether to go with the one from Spirit, Home Depot, Grandin Road, Walmart, etc.
  15. Fog: Does anyone have an Antari Ice 100 low lying fog machine?

    Halloween Props
    Have the opportunity to buy one & checking to see what experience anyone has with it. The seller says it performs better with dry ice. I was just wanting to use regular ice with Foggy's fog juice. I currently have 2 Fogmaster 750 watt fog machines. I use a vortex chiller for 1 machine & the...
  16. Fog: Opinions: Antari Z-Stream 1000 or Chauvet dj hurricane 1301 or 1200

    Halloween Props
    I know fog machines have been goine over and over but haven't seen much with the Antari, found a good price Antari Z-stream 1000 with continous output trying to decide on that or just going with another Chauvet 1301 or 1200 already have a 901. Haven't decided on my complete build yet this will...
  17. Fog: Fog Machine chill - why a bag of ice cubes? why not ice packs?

    Halloween Props
    Everywhere I look, I read (instructions) or seen people (videos on YouTube) use a big bag of ice cubes to chill the fog down on the ground level. The one problem everyone have is water. I thought why not use freezer ice packs which would remove the water issue.. no? I have not seen anyone (on...
  18. Fog: How much ice

    Halloween Props
    There are a number of people with great fog chillers. I was curious as to about how much ice do you go through in a typical night. I am planning a crypt style chiller and wanted to know how much room I will need to have for ice.
  19. HELP! Surprise 50 lbs. Dry Ice!

    General Halloween
    It's a good "problem" to have. But I am totally unprepared. Got 50 lbs. of dry ice given to me last night. It's in a cooler in my driveway - but since I wasn't expecting it- I have nothing set up for dry ice. PLEASE give me some ideas I can set up fasssssssst! Ideally, I would love...
  20. Static: My pumpkinrot scarecrow with a fire and ice light.

    Halloween Props
    I made this prop last year but just added the fire and ice light tonight. I think it makes it look a lot creepier.