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  1. Halloween Props
    Every year I try a different theme. This year I went swamp/voodoo. I have a small pond on the left side but I need some ideas for making the rest of the yard look like swampy water. Any ideas or tips? Thank you
  2. General Halloween
    Hey everyone, So I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey, that appears to be how I do things! We have a big set up this year with a massive yard haunt with a( blood fountain, spider zone, graveyard, tunnel made from 'skin', and various spots for scaring throughout,), a witches...
  3. Halloween Props
    Finished repairing the damage from last week's storm and decided to do a full run of the witch hut with all effects going.
  4. Halloween Props
    I got some of these awesome flat pallets at work and used them to make a new, sturdier witch hut. They are about 3x4ft. I used four for the back and cut a foot off each side of the back to make one 6x6ft wall. The sides were made from two of the panels and I cut an angle for the roofline into...
  5. Halloween Props
    My 11ft high witches hut just needs a few more finishing touches and its adornments adding. It's great turning junk wood back into something useable again. :D
  6. Halloween Props
    I had a little free time yesterday so I added a Haunted / Moving broom to our Witch Hut Façade. It uses a wiper motor.
  7. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Okay so here is my menu so far: (by the way, someone start a menu 2014 thread soon!) About 5 pizzas from Pizza Hut... thinking 2 pepperoni, 2 cheese and 1 hamburger. 24 wings from Pizza Hut in Garlic Parmesian, Medium and Honey Barbecue Queso with venison taco meat in it with chips Fiesta...
1-7 of 7 Results