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  1. Scored free old picket fence, how to install?

    Halloween Props
    my husband and I were taking a ride in the country and saw someone had a huge pile of old picket fencing on a burn pile. We stopped and asked if we could have it . Needless to say we took the Harley home and got my truck, lol. I am going to use most of it on my garden fence but we have So much...
  2. A Real Bat in my Living Room!!!!!

    General Halloween
    My husband just came upstairs in a panic (for him) and tells me there is a bat flying around the living room. Sure enough a bat, about a foot wide (with wings), is flying around in a little panic of his own. We have an old house where every room is...a separate room...not open concept at all...
  3. Hi there from Indiana

    Member Introduction
    Finally signed up after seeing this site many times over last couple of years. I have always been a lover of Halloween, its just some kind of magical feeling of excitement I get as the season grows closer. My ex husband was never a real big fan of it so I was hindered for many years. Now I have...
  4. Other: Happy Halloween

    Halloween Props
    Here is a pic of Halloween 2012. My pillory with Hannibal Lecter. I repeated it again this year. My husband custom built that for me.
  5. new here

    Member Introduction
    hi im new here and looking for simple ideas for a local hayride. we are doing it with our children and a few friends. our scene is a campsite with a picnic table and a tent where the kids are on a killing spree. my son has a persona of a dog/boy that people love he is called rabies. i am...
  6. Eek! Started decorating today!

    General Halloween
    I woke up at 4 am, and after putting the dishwasher and laundry on, I was bored. Or at least that is what I'm going to stick to when my husband comes home and asks WTH ;) Didn't do much. Just stuff that won't get in the way of dusting!
  7. So excited!

    Member Introduction
    I have lurked on this website for ages, so I finally decided to become an actual member :) I don't have too much to say- my husband and I both love Halloween (especially the decorating part... I'm a grump and would bypass the "giving out candy" part if I could!). I'm 32 and have been married...