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  1. Halloween Props
    The new banner to advertise the food drive came in and hopefully will help bring in donations on the big night. Does anybody else do a food drive as part of their haunt? I heard about Haunts Against Hunger about 5 years ago and joined up. Honestly there isn't much activity on their facebook...
  2. Halloween Props
    We built a pirate ship to raise awarness to Hunger in our community. We had a huge food drive for 3 weeks before halloween. We are new at this so be kind. We are newbies at decorating for halloween.
  3. Member Introduction
    ​JOIN THE HAUNTS AGAINST HUNGER MOVEMENT AND HELP SCARE AWAY HUNGER! We are celebrating 4 years of helping "scare away hunger!" It takes special kinds of people to go to the extent some of us do to decorate our homes and to run haunt attractions and special events in our communities. It takes...
1-3 of 3 Results