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  1. Static: Bad moon on the bayou

    Halloween Props
    Sorry all, I could not figure out how to rotate the pics. :( This year, my wife challenged me to create a theme based on a swamp or bayou. I started with some old fence panels turned on their side and attached. I added a porch of pallets and cut one pallet in half to create a dock. The...
  2. Haunting with Philips hue

    General Halloween
    I haven't really even started decorating outside yet. But every evening for last week, I've been playing with my Philips hue bulbs on the porch and highlighting a few props in my windows. It has been so much fun customizing the Huelloween app to get only the creepy sounds I want. This has been...
  3. Lighting: Need help mounting cheep and easy outdoor light receptacle

    Halloween Props
    When I built my house I wanted 2 more recessed cans on my bottom front porch but since gas lateens were there we did not. This is my first year decorating for halowween here and I decided to put the Philips Hue BR30s in the cans from a nice light effect. I am lacking in the bottom right spot...
  4. Static: Pillar Upgrade: Phillips Hue + Leering Skeleton

    Halloween Props
    I wanted to do some internal lighting in the skulls on my pillars this year. I ran across Phillips Hue in the off season and just installed one. Pricey? Yes. But the effect is insanely awesome. You can create fire amongst the skulls for added affect. Endless amount of color combos to create...