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  1. Electronic/Software: Home Depot Howling Wolf - Replace Sound Sensor w/ Motion Sensor

    Halloween Props
    I picked up one of the $40 howling wolves from Home Depot. Cute little bugger and my daughters love him. I have little need for the sound activation feature that makes his eyes light up and makes him howl. I'd like to swap the sensor with a passive infrared sensor. Does anyone have any tips...
  2. Help.....I need a sound track for HOWLING Wolves

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone, Well....I have searched every where, and I can not find....a sound Track ( A LONGGGGG Sound Track) for Howling Wolves. Yes.....I have found a very short 30 second sound bite....but.....I am wanting to down load a lengthy Continuous Sound Track of Creepy Howling Wolves.....No...