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  1. How to secure tombstones into the ground?

    I've read about the PVC and rebar method.... But I do not know what a rebar is hahahaha. What is a good method to secure foam tombstones into the ground?
  2. Anybody have good ways to hide flood lights?!

    Halloween Props
    I have like 6 flood lights, what are the best way to disguise the light holders?
  3. Electronic/Software: Roll Your Own Enttec Open DMX USB Interface

    Halloween Props
    Hello Boils and Ghouls! Check out my page here on how to make your own Enttec Open DMX USB Interface for less $$ or maybe even FREE like I did. I have tested this with Vixen and the BOC Configuration Program. I would expect it to work with VSA as well. I would be interested if anyone builds...
  4. Other: corpse polysterene head x

    Halloween Props
    Every year I have wanted to make my own props and decorations , instead of bought ones. This year I have looked into making my own lifesize corpse prop. I have all the materials and ready to get stuck into it. The promblem is I went for a polystrene head for the prop and don't know where to...
  5. Headless bride prop?

    I would love to build a headless bride prop for my porch. My idea would be to have her holding a candelstick in one hand and her head in the other, the only problem is I don't know where to start. Can anyone help me? THANKS!
  6. Hello everybody

    Member Introduction
    Hello everybody Im 1976showtime and wanted to say Hi. Iam new and hope Iam doing this right, Halloween is not to far off and I wanted to get some ideas for some easy halloween how tos. Thanks!!!
  7. Lighting: Lighting help needed now...

    Halloween Props
    Hi again, all - Once again, this first-time haunter needs some help, and can't find exactly what he needs via the "search". I apologize again if this topic has been done in detail before, as I am sure it has - if anyone knows where a good thread is buried, please direct me to it! I am unsure as...
  8. I need a backyard haunt mentor in or around Seattle

    Hello; I have the vision, the designs and ideas, for one of the best haunted mansions ever. What I lack is the technical expertise, knowledge, and skills to bring my vision to life. I know nothing about electronics, servomotors, wiring, soldering, electrical switches, motion detectors and...
  9. Lighting: Ghost lighting set- up

    Halloween Props
    This is an example of how to effectively light a ghost or other props from Halloween 2007. Don't be afraid to add more lights or colors, but you will need a fan, because it gets warm. YouTube - Ghost Lighting Set-up(Now with Closed Captions) Since just now allowed embedding, I just put my...
  10. Book Worm

    General Halloween
    Looking for some opinions, and I am sure I will hear them! We are looking to buy some more books, like "How To Haunt Your House", which we do have. Yes, I know... "everything one needs can be found through search engines!" Trust me, I've been informed of that statement before by some folks...
  11. Mechanical: I made an EXORCIST prop!

    Halloween Props
    "Possessed girl" on ebay (once sold by spirit) - $22.00. Spinning Motor- $10.00 PVC Pipe - $6.00 Seeing the dog, wife, and friend FREAK- PRICELESS! LOL!! $38.00 TOTAL! I have some pics and a video below...