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  1. Static: zombie prop/costume

    Halloween Props
    Just dug this guy up out of storage today. i made him years ago as a costume for a halloween party. probably about 9 or so years. I've done many upgrades and tweaks over the years. the head is made out of a really bad looking Michael Myers mask. All of the skin is made from hot glue. yup, lots...
  2. Static: Fake Cheap Candles... I can't stop making them!!

    Halloween Props
    Because I'm too big of a chicken to use Great Stuff anymore (I was told it's flammable) and I am too lazy to cut PVC pipe, I went looking for an easier way to create cheap fake candles... I found Dave Lowe's blog post on using cardboard tubes (ie toilet paper and paper towel rolls)... and NOW...
  3. Outdoor Flicker Candles: Tutorial

    Love the flicker lights using tealights created by jimmyzdc. But, needed them to be on a timer. Time to hack a string of Christmas flicker lights. Videos of them in action can be found here: The following pictures shows you how to make the candles but I did not show how...
  4. Other: Giant Spider Eggs

    Halloween Props
    Back around Easter Michaels Crafts had a bunch of foam eggs for sale and being the deviant I am, the first thought that came to my mind was Spider Eggs. So I waited until they were on After Easter 70% off sale and bought up a handfull. They started off in all manner of gross easter colors so I...