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  1. Rotten Reviews Podcast

    Hey folks, with all this free time on my hands as of late. I figured I would do whatever else was doing and start a horror podcast(which has been in the works for months) It's a solo cast, just me talking to myself and you the listener if you decide to listen. In the first episode I sit down to...
  2. Grand Guignol Theatre

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    Grand Guignol Tribute (Like and subscribe) The Grand Guignol – was a theatre in the Pigalle district of Paris. From its opening in 1897 until its closing in 1962, it focused in naturalistic horror shows. Oscar Metenier was the Grand Guignol's founder and original director. Under his direction...
  3. MAD HEIDI - Mountain girl gone violent

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Has anyone here heard of MAD HEIDI before? I really love the trailer and know that they are raising money to do the film, but I haven't heard of any people outside Switzerland that know it. They took the classic Heidi from the mountains and made her bad-ass fighting fascists :D Would to know...
  4. Horror room tour

    Halloween Props
  5. How comfortable are you with ambiguity?

    Horror Discussion
    One thing I've noticed is that there's a spectrum when it comes to comfort levels with ambiguity as a plot device in horror. Some people prefer the very ambiguous, creeping, growing dread of films such as Witch and Hereditary while others prefer the explicit, in-your-face, "I'm going to kill you...
  6. We made a HALLOWEEN horror house! (for under $100)

    Happy Halloween everyone! The title says it all. Me and my wife had so much fun doing this. We think the neighbours will love it. What do you guys think??
  7. I'm a new author who wrote a collection of short, existential stories

    Horror Discussion
    Growing up, I loved watching the Twilight Zone, especially the horror episodes with a dramatic twist at the end. When I first got into reading horror fiction, I found H.P. Lovecraft's work to be terrifying, thrilling, and enthralling. Now, I'm trying to make it as a professional author and I...
  8. My Halloween Wallpapers

    General Halloween
    These are the Halloween Wallpapers I created in Photoshop!
  9. Happy Halloween!

    Member Introduction
    Hello to All. Earlier this evening, I was on Pinterest checking out some Halloween craft-y projects, and I landed here. Strangely, while I am not into the horror film genre, I get a great deal of satisfaction from engaging in the art process. I made a few things last year and this year, I'm...
  10. Static: Life-size TALES FROM THE CRPYT (cryptkeeper) bust

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  11. Oklahoma City - Nightfall's Horror Con July 20th

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    https://www.facebook.com/events/1065092837034327/ Anyone else planning on going? Their first year but they're at least running the social media side well.
  12. horror

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    :cool: horror movies and games
  13. Horror Themed Garbage Pale kids

    Horror Discussion
    Looks like this year we will be getting Horror themed Garbage Pale kids for Halloween. Always have a soft spot for garbage pale kids from the cards, comics, cartoon and even yes the movie have a little soft spot for it...
  14. Static: Horror Movie Night props

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  15. Static: HALLOWEEN Michael Myers prop

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    Please subscribe to my youtube channel and watch my other horror prop videos, Thanks
  16. New BIG SCARY SHOW: 7th Annual Spooktacular

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    BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 182 – 7 YEARS OF FEAR Episode 182 April 13, 2012 episode 1 of the Big Scary Show went on the air, and here we are, 7 years old and 181 episodes later. The Roundtable of Terror is a retrospective of the last seven years, as well as what to expect in the coming years, as...
  17. Halloween TV & Movies 2019

    General Halloween
    Just came across the first promo for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, titled American Horror Story: 1984. It will be themed after 80s slasher movies.
  18. Hello Halloween Lovers

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    I don't get out on web forums much, but a Halloween forum sounds REALLY interesting. I'm a lover of horror movies, (creature feature fan) but not into slashers much as there are exceptions to the rule. I came across this as I was checking out An American Werewolf in London pics to see if I...
  19. Static: Horror movie night with lifesize Annabelle replica doll

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