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  1. General Halloween
    https://usm.propstoreauction.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/287/?utm_campaign=EMLALA21&utm_medium=LANDING-PAGE-VIEW-LIVE-CATALOG I came across this web site several years ago when they were auctioning off a bunch of Rick Baker original pieces from his vast body of work. I deeply regret not...
  2. General Halloween
    If it’s just for display or if it’s for fun toy photography, you should go all out when making your diorama. That’s at least my opinion. I say that because the more you do the more depth you add to the character being seen. Don’t get me wrong not everything has to be extravagant but if you...
  3. Halloween Props
    "You'll die if you try to fight us!" "You'll die if you try.....you'll die if you try.....you'll die if you try "I can smell the fear bleeding from your bones. I'll play with you until the fear is so overwhelming your heart wants to give out. Then I will feast on your flesh!"
  4. General Halloween
    In his travels through the dream dimension, Freddy stumbles upon The Lament Configuration. Was it placed there? If so by who? Confused by the change in the box, yet unfazed from the ignorance of what it brings. Eons I have waited for you, attempted to dream of your flesh as a means to bring...
  5. Announcements / Press Releases
    Calling all Creepsters n' Groovy Ghoulies! Can you dig it? Grab the Monster Kids, and haul that hearse with a curse up Spook Hill, and get ready to spend the night at that mixed-up Doctor Shriek's Haunted Drive-in Halloween A Go-Go! We dare you to enter his theatre of doom for the ultimate old...
  6. Haunted Humor
    I really like these guys. They are film makers who each year run a 31 days of Horror for Halloween here is the link. the best one is Day 3 so far!
  7. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hello everyone, I'm back with a second video tutorial of my "Halloween Series", this time I show you how to make a Zombie groundbreaker made of paper-mache!! 💀 It's a great Halloween decoration close to your TV or your desktop...😁 Hope you will like this new video, let me know if you have...
  8. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Hi Halloween Forum Family, I thought this was an appropriate place to tell you about an exhibit opening in Hollywood, CA at the Montalbán Theatre at the end of September. Called, "Icons of Darkness", it's a private collection of movie memorabilia from Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy movies spanning...
  9. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey Boils and Ghouls! You ever get tired of your original and handmade Halloween or Horror Art, Props, Masks, Decorations, Costumes etc getting lost in a sea of non awesome and non Halloween items on Etsy or EBay? Us too! A coven of artists and creators of creep have joined forces to launch an...
  10. Links
    Hey folks, with all this free time on my hands as of late. I figured I would do whatever else was doing and start a horror podcast(which has been in the works for months) It's a solo cast, just me talking to myself and you the listener if you decide to listen. In the first episode I sit down to...
  11. Announcements / Press Releases
    Has anyone here heard of MAD HEIDI before? I really love the trailer and know that they are raising money to do the film, but I haven't heard of any people outside Switzerland that know it. They took the classic Heidi from the mountains and made her bad-ass fighting fascists :D Would to know...
  12. Links
    Happy Halloween everyone! The title says it all. Me and my wife had so much fun doing this. We think the neighbours will love it. What do you guys think??
  13. Halloween Crafts
    These are the Halloween Wallpapers I created in Photoshop!
  14. Member Introduction
    Hello to All. Earlier this evening, I was on Pinterest checking out some Halloween craft-y projects, and I landed here. Strangely, while I am not into the horror film genre, I get a great deal of satisfaction from engaging in the art process. I made a few things last year and this year, I'm...
1-15 of 423 Results