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  1. How comfortable are you with ambiguity?

    Horror Discussion
    One thing I've noticed is that there's a spectrum when it comes to comfort levels with ambiguity as a plot device in horror. Some people prefer the very ambiguous, creeping, growing dread of films such as Witch and Hereditary while others prefer the explicit, in-your-face, "I'm going to kill you...
  2. My new Dark Ambient Horror album... if you would care to hear it

    Halloween Music
    I released my new Dark Ambient Horror album on October 1st. It's called "A Tale of Shadows". It is a horror story that I wrote, and I used narrations and cut scenes to tell the tale, while having some instrumental songs throughout. You can stream the album either on BandCamp or on Soundcloud...
  3. Horror Stories

    Read some awesome horror stories by up and coming horror writers and established authors at http://www.burialday.com/short-fiction/ You can also submit your horror stories to Burial Day Books. Horror Stories that will scary your socks off!
  4. Horror and Scary Story - The Session

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    The thought fluttered through her head, borne on a torrent of notes, as her mind drifted, her fingers left on autopilot. Her bow hopped and dragged across the fiddle’s strings, coaxing drones and triplets from the instrument; the fingers of her left hand flickered, fast as lightning, in rolls...