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  1. Feed Me Brains is back!

    Hey fellow Halloween Forum members! I'm happy to announce the return of my Zombie/Horror/Halloween website, Feed Me Brains! After server issues and some personal family things last year, the site went down for several months. Unfortunately all of the content was lost, but I'm getting started...
  2. Horror movie trivia scavenger hunt

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm organizing a horror movie trivia scavenger hunt for my sister's Halloween party. I'm setting up "scenes" throughout the house using props/clues which guests will have to find and guess which movie it's from or relates to. I have 23 movies with ideas for props/clues so far, but I'd like to...
  3. Supreme Headquaters of Euramerican Popular Movies Download

    Off-Topic Stuff
    It collects the most popular Euroamerican movies and creates the biggest movies platform over the network which has been our aim. You can find all the classical movies at viewbay ,such as "007 Serials" ,"Star Wars", "Meet the Spartans","The Taxas Chainsaw Massacre","My Blueberry Nights","Forest...