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  1. How comfortable are you with ambiguity?

    Horror Discussion
    One thing I've noticed is that there's a spectrum when it comes to comfort levels with ambiguity as a plot device in horror. Some people prefer the very ambiguous, creeping, growing dread of films such as Witch and Hereditary while others prefer the explicit, in-your-face, "I'm going to kill you...
  2. Youtube Channels - Share yours and your favorites!

    General Halloween
    Hi, So I did a search for youtube channel threads and did find a few but most of them were more than 5 years old. I just started a new youtube account with the hopes to actually manage my subscriptions so my homepage will be cohesive with stuff I'm interested in and not just random! Lol! So...
  3. Another free music video from Dr. Snik! Monster...

    Halloween Music
    Come listen to the Monster if you dare.... :cool: https://youtu.be/ye6HbeXJe8M
  4. Free music video!

    Halloween Music
    Hi all! I hope everyone had a great Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day... now it's time to get SERIOUS about Halloween... Here's a free streaming video of one of my songs which is a tribute to the late great George Romero and the Night of the Living Dead...
  5. Dr. Snik's Halloween Chills: Chill Out!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Dr. Snik brings you 12 brand new original spooky songs w/videos for your Halloween/Horror needs! Classic 60's/70's horror movies and psychedelic clips add a creepy visual to add to any Halloween/Horror party. Some video samples with some classic 60's/70's horror movies…...
  6. Favourite Oldschool Horror Movies?

    Horror Discussion
    Really I'd love to know! A few of my favourites are; Ice Cream Man, Dolls , An American Werewolf In London, Sleep Away Camp , Clown House, and Night Of The Demons. None of them were stereotypical 'scary' but something about that 80s/90s campy slasher flick feel always interests me. Guess it...
  7. The Every Day is Halloween Podcast!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi spooky friends! I'm a long time lurker and I figured I'd finally make myself known. My name is Horror Guy Keenan and I host The Every Day is Halloween Podcast for Wizard World! I hosted BloodyDisgusting's News from the Crypt podcast since 2006 and 'Every Day' is my new personal venture...
  8. Best Horror Blu-Rays of 2015

    Horror Discussion
    What are the best horror blu-rays you've bought in 2015 and plan to buy?
  9. Have you ever wanted something like Netflix for exclusively horror? Shudder.com

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    This is not a paid post and I do not work for or represent Shudder.com Right now, the program is in Beta and offering 60 free days as a trial (I assume bug testing is a given). The movie collection consists of a nice selection of historical horror movies and modern. The layout of the site is...
  10. Horror Game Show - Los Angeles

    General Halloween
    I was hoping to be on this gameshow, but do to family obligations, I can't. But, if anyone is interested you can email to casting people.
  11. Horror Media

    Horror Discussion
    So, let's start off with asking what movies are you all looking forward to? Are there any horror movies or tv shows you're pumped for? Well, let's talk about some. I myself am looking forward to the following: "Trick R Treat 2" has been announced, "The Babadook" and the Evil Dead series might...
  12. Best Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film

    Horror Discussion
    My vote goes to TCM 2. It's the most entertaining IMO. Chop Top rocks in this. I vote for this one as well probably because its the first one I saw. I generally like all the films except for Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and The Next Generation, with Next Generation being the...
  13. Prop Showcase: My 2013 Halloween Yard Haunt

    Halloween Props
    Love this site! Here's a quick video from this year's Halloween Yard Haunt. Happy Halloween!
  14. Horror Movies Quiz

    Announcements / Press Releases
    What's your favourite scary movie?' If you're a Freddy fan or love Leather Face, take a 'stab' at QuizFortune's Horror Movies Quiz. This fun film quiz challenges your knowledge of some of your favourite horror films that have haunted you over the years. quizfortune [dot] com [forward slash]...
  15. The Conjuring

    Horror Discussion
    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-conjuring-brings-scare.html I blogged about the new The Conjuring movie. I saw the midnight show on late Thursday early Friday its doing great box office business. One of the better horror suspense films Ive seen since Sinister. Very creepy moody film.
  16. Visit Halloween and Horror Blog

    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/ I blog about all things Halloween and Horror I update frequently and keep it interesting. Please visit and enjoy thank you
  17. Halloween Machine BIG OCTOBER ISSUE!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi all, the new Halloween Machine has been released, and it's the biggest issue yet, the OCTOBER HALLOWEEN issue! Lots of cool stuff, including "10 Alternate Movies to Watch on Halloween", VAMPIRE DOG DVD Giveaway, "The Making of a Home Haunter" by KPRIMM, home haunt photos from Alan Perkins...
  18. Horror movies for halloween

    Horror Discussion
    Hi, Every year we get together with friends and watch a few scary movies on all hallows eve. It's always a tough choice to decide what to watch as we have seen a load of the good stuff, and generally, if we haven't already seen it, it probably isn't very good! :) I have been using various...
  19. Feed Me Brains is back!

    Hey fellow Halloween Forum members! I'm happy to announce the return of my Zombie/Horror/Halloween website, Feed Me Brains! After server issues and some personal family things last year, the site went down for several months. Unfortunately all of the content was lost, but I'm getting started...
  20. Horror movie trivia scavenger hunt

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I'm organizing a horror movie trivia scavenger hunt for my sister's Halloween party. I'm setting up "scenes" throughout the house using props/clues which guests will have to find and guess which movie it's from or relates to. I have 23 movies with ideas for props/clues so far, but I'd like to...