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  1. Another free music video! Psychedelic/Horror trance...

    Halloween Music
    Hi all! here's a groovy horror trance track that uses The Bloody Pit of Horror as the video.... :cool: https://www.facebook.com/doctor.snik/videos/370502783390962/
  2. Horror Movie Themed Female Costume Idea

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a costume idea for myself, for my 'Horror Movie Themed' birthday party. I want to dress as a unique character, i.e. not Bride of Frankenstein or Samara from 'The Ring.' I thought the 'Kiss Me' character from 'The Purge: Election Year' could be fun. Or one of the...
  3. Corpseheads New Ebay Store

    Announcements / Press Releases
    http://www.corpseheads.com http://www.corpseskulls.com Decided to separate my custom props from my regular Ebay Store http://www.halloween-skeletons.com When you're push Frozen Elsa costumes they don't exactly go along with Corpseheads. Corpseheads will feature all custom Halloween props...
  4. New Horror Film Halloween Tales Coming

    Horror Discussion
    http://www.imdb.com/news/ni57952945/ HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 24, 2014) – Epic Pictures Group announced today that it will collaborate with top directors to finance and produce a brand new horror anthology, named Tales of Halloween. Eleven directors, renowned for their influential contribution...
  5. Halloween Horror Movie Scavenger Hunt

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey everyone! I'm planning my Halloween party and one of our games is the Halloween Horror Movie Scavenger Hunt! Where we have things representing horror movies incorporated throughout the decorations and people have to figure out what they are and from what movie it is! So far I have ideas...
  6. Michael Myers for Halloween? 3rd year in a row go another year? or switch it up?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    so made this costume about 8 years ago but didn't really do that good on it and brought it back to life about 4 years ago and came upon a Don post mask and then re dug out my Jumpsuit & gave it the most detail on it to make it look like i just got done doing a massive slaughtering spree some sad...
  7. Original Chucky from Bride of Chucky

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    http://www.parents.com/photos/photo-contests-1/halloween-costumes-2010/2454000024/?photoId=2449600062 click the link above to see how this costume was made. click "LIKE" DONT FORGET TO CLICK LIKE PLEASE!