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  1. Strange Things

    General Halloween
    I went on an outing yesterday too a local wilderness area so that I could collect materials for my haunt display. As I was searching for the perfectly twisted branches I came across something rather disturbing. A set of teeth protruding through the leaves. As I cleared away the debris I...
  2. Suggestions about what to wear with this costume?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    For Halloween this year I don't want a super elaborate costume, I was just thinking of buying some big black ram's horns and black feather wings, and just wearing regular (but again black, because color coordination and whatever) clothes apart from the horns and wings. I may buy a cheap t-shirt...
  3. Demon with Hellhounds, wings, and scythe - Static Display

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    [SCROLL THROUGH THE POST FOR THE PROGRESSION OF THIS PROJECT. I WILL ATTEMPT TO JUST ADD UPDATES TO THE SECTIONS RELATING TO EACH PIECE. ] I've been trying to do this for a few years now, and have finally gotten the time to hopefully finish him this year. I will post pictures as I go, if...
  4. Unorthodox does Maleficent.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My daughter wants to be maleficent this year, and after a search of costumes turned up a bunch of neat adult costumes and a whole lot of what I would term malefitramp costumes for the "tweens", I was left to come up with my own. We began going left of center right off the bat when a neighbor...
  5. Great site for instructions to make horns

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So after taking my daughter to see Maleficent last night, I realized I HAD to make horns. LOL This was a great site I found with easy to follow instructions http://m.instructables.com/id/Make-Large-Scale-Horns-for-Less-than-10-with-Alum/ I altered it slightly. The horns were heavy so I duct...
  6. horns for my stolloween heads

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    so im doing a couple of stolloween heads and i was stuck on the horns i didnt know how to make them suddenly i came across this things kids use for the pool that someone trew away and the worked preety well hope its useful for someone
  7. Horns and Rot

    Announcements / Press Releases
    We have two more new items, just in time for Halloween! "Small Horns" is a set of two unpainted prosthetics (painted versions available) come with full application instructions and can be painted to match any skin tone. They work well for any devil or demon costume. Use multiple sets for an...