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  1. Haunted house stuff for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Selling a ton of haunted house items in Roseville, Michigan....I would rather not ship stuff. I really don't have a ton of free time to be going to the post office constantly. All the items are slightly used ( only this season) alot are new because we never got them into play. I will consider...
  2. Let's See Your Front Yard

    General Halloween
    Let's see them!!! Just in case you are not aware.....................Halloween 2018 is around the corner! Here is mine... Every year is a different theme for me to keep things interesting. Went with a retirement senior living sort of decor. I will keep adding to this until the end of the...
  3. Horn/Light Drill Build

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I have been slowly working on moving how to's over to my new site and making new how to's for projects as I finish them. This is a how to on making a drill in to a jump scare horn. How to make a very loud horn Enjoy and more how to's will be coming soon.
  4. Farmers Market Yard Theme

    General Halloween
    My version of the Dave Lowe inspired farmers market. Spring Bridge Official photographer whose horn and light will flash when exiting the bridge. This "photographer skelly" was inspired by a much better version that fellow forum member called Defensestrator displayed in a photo booth idea...
  5. Need suggestions for controlling a solenoid on an air compressor-powered fog horn

    Halloween Prop Building Group
    Hi folks, I've got a pvc fog horn that i want to either run on demand or on a timer this year. The compressor won't take long to reload so the problem is releasing the air into the horn. I'm on a budget, having come to this idea late in the game. Any ideas? Water sprinkler system valve...
  6. Pneumatic: Pneumatic Horn Blaster

    Halloween Props
    Next prop complete on my To-Do list.
  7. Electronic/Software: Scare Horn Help

    Halloween Props
    I'm wanting to make my own portable car horn prop this year, but can't seem to find any good tutorials on building one. Has anyone ever built one, or knows how to? Any help would be appreciated. I want to build one sort of like this (except w/ car horn, not a ship horn)...
  8. Seat Box Horn Scare

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    There is nothing quite so “alarming” as a loud horn blasting when you least expect it. This year I decided to make two of these horn scares for the Haunted Forest. They both work on basically the same principle with just a slight difference in the triggering mechanism. One works on a pressure...
  9. Horn and Light Scare DIY

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is a video I made on how to make a compact train horn and head light scare. The first part of the video is very dark and shows what the prop will do. The second part of the video is from inside my wood shop and I go thru all of the parts needed and how to wire the prop. All of the videos I...
  10. Air Cannons and Air Horn Blasters for sale

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello all! In addition to Air Cannons, I am proud to announce the addition of a Air Horn Blaster and a manual trigger to complete your props for those who choose not to use a prop controller. I sold 18 of the air cannons last year and all purchasers reported they where happy with there...
  11. Mechanical: Help! car horn and headlight prop!

    Halloween Props
    we have the front end of a car and will trigger the horn and lights to come on when people walk by. My question... will a 12V 10A power supply power the 4 headlights and the horn on this car? If so, great because then I know I can use the picoboo controller I have. If not, I may need to use...
  12. Mechanical: Train Prop Tips & Advice

    Halloween Props
    Hey I've decided on a mine theme this year which will involve a unique background story and many elaborate and unique scares. One that I feel is a must for this haunt is a train that appears to be about to run you over. I found an electronic train horn on eBay for pretty cheap...
  13. How to make a Motion activated Car horn???

    Halloween Props
    I have been pondering this idea for my haunted house. how could i make this work? the horn can only take 12 volts right? I was thinking of just wiring it to a motion light and BAM it would come on. Any other ideas out there for how i can make this work. I wouldn't mind a real quick honk maybe...