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  1. Halloween Props
    We had a death in the family shortly after Halloween last year, so I never got around to posting our display, so in honor of half way to Halloween, here's last years display.
  2. Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I have been using Atmos DVDs for years. Far before they started distributing in Home Depot. My setup utilizes nine projectors. It was an honor to be featured on their site this week. New this year for me is a fog screen and talking skull. Can't wait...
  3. General Halloween
    This question comes up every year, so I will ask it again... ;-) How do those of you with younger kids balance running your haunt and getting them out Trick or Treating? I was a serious Haunter pre-kids, but it has slowed a little every year since then. We now have 3 kids 6 and under. We...
  4. General Halloween
    Yay! I just discovered that I was featured again (my 4th time, I think) on Pumpkinrot in July! I am so proud of this! It's such on honor! http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.ca/2014/07/mockingbird-drive.html
1-4 of 4 Results