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  1. Announcing the 2019 Home Haunter Award Show!!!

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    Official announcement of the 2019 Home Haunter Awards Show. If you are a home haunter and want an opportunity to win a coveted Golden Skelly for your 2019 haunt or prop work, then visit http://www.hyhpawardshow.com for more information and to a chance enter! (Best if viewed on a PC, Laptop, or...
  2. New: Apex, NC Halloween Meetup Group (Raleigh, NC)

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    Not sure why it was named for Apex, but looks like the Raleigh, NC area now has a home haunter meetup. Could have been called Raleigh Halloween Meetup, RTP Halloween Meetup, Raleigh Home Haunters, etc. https://www.meetup.com/Apex-Halloween-Meetup/ We've needed a group for home haunters and...
  3. Winston Salem Home Haunters Society Meetup (North Carolina)

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    Hey North Carolina Haunters and Halloween enthusiasts! I have organized a Meetup group in Winston Salem for those of us that start counting down ot next Halloween on November 1st. Come and check it out, Saturday, November 22nd, 2014, at Krankies Coffee, located at 211 East Third Street, Winston...
  4. The Second Annual Home Haunters Website Giveaway

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    HOME HAUNTERS! There are only two weeks left to submit your entries into "The Second Annual Home Haunters Website Giveaway." Last year Matthew Freyer Productions hosted a contest like no other. We wanted to put a spotlight on some individuals who sometimes get overshadowed by the large...