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  1. Permanent fake blood

    General Halloween
    does anyone know where to get permanent fake blood I am making latex masks and am wondering how to make or where to get permanent fake blood for a home haunt
  2. The Haunt of the Scottsquatch returned in 2019

    General Halloween
    Hello all, it's been a few years since I have been able to do my haunt do to traveling for my job, and I forgot my original account information for this site lol. We had 3 days to get it together and make it happen, and I'm happy with how it turned out. Check out the video on my YouTube...
  3. DIY Dark Ride Build (How I Made One)

    General Halloween
    This thread is about a halloween dark ride I am making. I will be posting our progress on this site so everyone can know what we did to make it. I know dark rides can be very expensive to build, but this is the most budget friendly dark ride I have ever seen built. Each ride car costs $300-500...
  4. Scarecrow Reaper Build

    Hey guys I put together a video of a new prop I made this week check it out :)
  5. Workshop walkthrough and teasers of this year's props

    General Halloween
    Hey everybody! I threw together a quick video of my workshop and some teasers of my props and decorations for this year. Just figured I'd share. Hope you enjoy! My plan is to put together more videos every couple of weeks showing work done on props, etc. So, if you want to give me a follow, I'll...
  6. Prop Showcase: Shallow Grave Cemetery - The Early Years

    Halloween Props
    I was "digging" thru some old photos and found these. Here's the back story: I guess you could say that I was kinda-sort-of new to all this Halloween stuff. You see I just moved into my suburban home and Halloween was quickly approaching. One day while taking out the garbage I looked around at...
  7. Home Haunt DIY Videos and Vlogs?

    General Halloween
    I'm a YouTube junkie. It's my near constant background noise. I've been searching for videos of folks building home haunts and other DIYs for both inspiration for my own haunt and just to feed my need for Halloween since I can't start decorating yet. Some people I have found recently are...
  8. Shallow Grave Cemetery - 2015 Haunt Display

    General Halloween
    Do to a deluge of rain (9 inches over two days) the eves before Halloween I could not display my cemetery this year and nearly wasn't able to have any display, but the Haunt must go on. I was only able to install the spider lair which includes various cocoon victims and a couple of life size...
  9. Personal Website Question?

    General Halloween
    Hey guys! I've been kicking around the idea of creating a website devoted to my Halloween activities. I set up a large outdoor display, and decorate the inside of my house. For the last several years I have been expanding very rapidly. I live in a rather rural area, and I am always talking to...
  10. Other: Painted tarps

    Halloween Props
    In our home haunt this year we did a bunch of painted canvas tarps from Harbor Freight. I think they turned out really good. Some of it was free handed, some with a projector, some airbrushed, some hand painted. This was my first time ever using a airbrush so don't be too harsh. lol The tarps...
  11. SouthEastern, PA (Bucks/Montco County) Home Haunt Halloween Group

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    It's January and I am on Halloween Forum planning for 2016. Many would say something is wrong with me. Not you. You are reading this and are here too. Chances are you are local because you saw the subject heading. Are you interested in forming or joining an existing monthly home haunt club...
  12. Video! Halloween Yard Haunt!!

    General Halloween
    Decorated my parents house.. Dusk Walkthrough.. Rohr Manor
  13. music box-style music to D'L

    Halloween Music
    okay, so i know it's late and all, but i didnt think of this until i watched a movie last night. i know some people on these forums have requested different types of music for their haunts, including music box-style music. even if it's too late for this year, feel free to download and use it in...
  14. 2015 - 'INSIDIOUS' Themed Yard Haunt (And my first year doing a walkthrough!)

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone! I hope it's okay that I'm starting my own thread for this... anyway~ I'm super stoked to share my progress pictures with you all. I LOVE watching your haunts come together, so I figured I'd share mine as well! I plan on posting LOTS of pictures and maybe some videos starting...
  15. The Haunting Grounds 2014 home haunt

    General Halloween
    Here's a short video of this past year's home haunt. I know a few of you were eager to see the Facade completed and in use as our projector screen, so here it is.
  16. People messing with Haunt flow, Considering changes

    General Halloween
    I wasn't sure where to place this. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate thread if there is one ^_^ With almost being into the third month of the year it wouldn't surprise most that there is so much pondering and plotting for this years Haunt Season. We've got a large yard that has two...
  17. Chaos on Colonial home haunt video, check it out!

    General Halloween
    Haven't been on the forum in some time...thought I would share our home haunt video with everyone, Chaos on Colonial, also check out our Facebook page "Chaos on Colonial" (I am the clown in the beginning of video) ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xEWWqdVtxQ
  18. Lighting: Best way to deploy an array of UV CFLs for maximal fluorescence? CFL "Tree"?

    Halloween Props
    Best way to deploy an array of UV CFLs for maximal fluorescence? CFL "Tree"? By the time I was finished Halloween clearance shopping this season, I ended up with approximately 12 UV / blacklight CFLs. Good ones that fluoresce much better than other brands (ones sold year round at hardware...
  19. Desoto Asylum 2014

    General Halloween
    We do a haunted house & Food drive, Here are some pictures and a walk-through video... Updated With Scare Video...
  20. Halloween Snob's Haunted Dungeon 2014

    General Halloween
    Hello my friends, So last night was EPIC. New this year I added a haunted dungeon to my two car garage. 256 square feet of spooky indoor atmosphere. 7' high castle walls with 3' wide hallways. Multiple types of lighting, fog, and projection. Check out my website where you can see build...