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  1. General Halloween
    Yep, already. Bethany Lowe today, all holidays but lots of Halloween too: https://www.zulily.com/e/bethany-lowe-designs-352893.html?ext_id=7QCMJ743MWKX&map_id=1&tid=RetEm_LCMTrigger_favoriteBrands_favEvent1cta_100114906
  2. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY SHOW – EPISODE 178 – ROAD TO TRANSWORLD Episode 178 February….a short, cold month, but thats ok, because it means Transworld is just around the corner. Our Roundtable of Terror is all about Transworld Vendors, as we have Creepy Collection, the wiley veteran, and first time vendors...
  3. General Halloween
    Free at last, free at last, thank *dietyofyourchoice* all mighty, we are free at last! No more holidays breathing down my neck for at least 8 more months! Is anyone relieved that Hallowthankmas has passed? I swear, I need an additional month between Halloween and Christmas. There is just not...
  4. General Halloween
    Ok my hearse stays out year around so i decorate it for different holidays here is for nov :) Can wait to share what i am doing for December
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi folks, Halloween is one of our family's most enjoyable holidays and we get more and more into it each year. This year we decided to start making our own props and decorations and the more I do the more I love it. Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing where I can. All...
  6. General Halloween
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Life is short, so enjoy the day and take a moment to think of those who are having a difficult time during the holidays. Cherish your friends and family and eat lots of turkey! :)
  7. Member Introduction
    Hello, My name is Kim. I enjoy being outdoors and sports. I am a single mom. I am currently trying to go to school for phlebotomy. I love October and Fall. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I AM TRYING TO THINK OF GOOD HALLOWEEN NAMES FOR MY 2 KITTENS. I have an orange one and a grey...
  8. General Halloween
    This is about the time when I begin putting out my Halloween decorations in my home. I know that most people would probably consider that too early. Perhaps starting in October would be good enough but this is one of my favorite holidays. One month doesn't seem long enough! When do you start...
  9. General Halloween
    The thread below re: What you like about Halloween set off a depth charge in my gray matter. I know Jack Skellington is popular but has anyone ever incorporated other holidays into their haunt.? Say a deranged Easter bunny handing out rotten eggs or a berserk Uncle Sam with a bazooka or a real...
  10. General Halloween
    What Halloween items did you get for the Holidays?
  11. General Halloween
    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...well except for this guy. This is a casting from my first ever attempt at sculpting. I had to incorporate it into our Christmas decor. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all on the forum! Eric
  12. Member Introduction
    Hello, My name is Christy. I am one of the owners All Saints Lunatic Asylum - Haunted Attraction, in Apple Valley, CA. We are very excited to be the first professional haunt in our area, and are opening year round for major holidays :D Please feel free to check out our wepage or on our facebook...
  13. Wanted to Buy
    Hey all! I'm looking to purchase any realistic male mask. Can you please message me with what you have avail? Thanks Kris Happy holidays
  14. General Halloween
    Hey everyone! Drew from FrightProps here - just wanted to show you guys a fun little thing we did that maybe speaks to all of us a little. 8 Ways Haunters Survive the Holidays! Check it out on our blog and leave us some feedback!
  15. General Halloween
    Why limit Halloween decorations to one month out of the year? That was our thought when we were taking everything down this year, and that's how Skully the Skeleton became a permanent fixture on our house! We started decorating him for different holidays and the neighborhood seems to really love...
  16. General Halloween
    This would make an awesome bumper sticker! :)
1-16 of 17 Results