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  1. Flicker Circuit by Death Lord

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    By using an extension cord as the basis of this project it not only allows you to plug any light into it, but more importantly the extension cord give you the ability to plug two lamps (bulbs) into the cord. I use two 25 watt bulbs (red or red and yellow?) and a 5A fuse. Total construction time...
  2. Halloween Jewelry for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I went through all my jewelry last nite, put away the holiday stuff & PURGED!! So there's some Halloween jewelry that needs to go, along with some other Christmas & non-holiday jewelry I could post if anyone is interested. They'd all be great in some mixed media project, as gifts or...
  3. Your most unique Halloween item

    General Halloween
    What do you have in your collection that you've never seen anywhere else? I mean something purchased, because there are so many great handmade items out there which no one else has. I would say I have 2 items: The Halloween Yankee candle with the black band, never burnt. And this cool...
  4. Static: First post here and first large propr build

    Halloween Props
    I have always been content in just modifying decorations and making costumes but this year took on my first large prop build. Decided to make a pumpkin sentinel like creature to put in my flagpole holder. Failed to take pictures along the way but got a lot of great info on the site. Here is...
  5. Hello everyone just joined today

    Member Introduction
    Hello I am Scott, I am a married with kids, Halloween prop making , Magician. I am currently building a Halloween/ Horror magic show. Props that I have made are: Celtic cross tombstone made out of insulation boards, Shrunken heads, Book of the dead covered in what feels like mummified skin, a...
  6. Yankee Candle Halloween Silhouettes Haunted House Jar Candle Holder 2015

    Wanted to Buy
    looking to buy a Yankee Candle Halloween Silhouettes Haunted House Jar Candle Holder 2015
  7. Yankee Candle Goodwill find

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Found this last year, forgot I had it, found it again this weekend & decided I need to make room for something else. I know nothing about this piece & it's missing its candle holder, though I'm not sure if it is a votive holder or a tea light holder. It also seems to be missing something...
  8. 2016 jo anns

    General Halloween
    Went to joanns today wanted to share I got 2 of the bone candle holder . They were still putting stuff out
  9. Prop Showcase: Sign fo Halloween Cemetery 2015

    Halloween Props
    Have been Working on my cemetery for next year Since Halloween, it will be a haunted new Orleans Cemetery with 12 Standing Graves, 12 Lawn Level graves, A Miniature Model T Hearse, that im Building a Double wall of Crypts a,d in front on a Painted up Real Estate Sign Holder, This Sign that I...
  10. Geoffrey Holder dies

    Off-Topic Stuff
    One of my favorite James Bond movie actors died today, Geoffrey Holder. I absolutely loved what he brought to the role of the very tall Baron Samedi in Live and Let Die. You also might recall his smooth voice in the 7-Up commercials several decades ago. Mr. Holder was simply... "Maahvelous!" and...
  11. Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder For Your Bathroom

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, For sale : Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder, scary and nice feel for Halloween ! Price US$19.99 get it from my site : Halloween Theme Products Blogspot. Cheers !