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  1. General Halloween
    hello everyone i just joined this site. I'm Freakshow The Clown and i have been haunter for a few years now. i work for a charity haunt that the money goes to restore a historical sights. i do have a small budget every year. I am looking for ideas for a room. it is a black light fun house full...
  2. General Halloween
    2018 October on the East coast - Advice, please! So, I'm from Colorado and I've never spent Halloween outside of the state before. This year, I decided I'm going to spend Halloween with my boyfriend, who lives in Brooklyn. I've done some searches, but I'd like to hear from locals and people...
  3. General Halloween
    I am looking for advice on activities to do in Sleepy Hallow/Tarreytown the weekend before Halloween. Our kids are 11 and 17. I know about the parade, cemetery tour and book reading. Any suggestions on other tours, historical or ghost? Any shops/restaurants in the area to go to? Any Halloween...
1-3 of 3 Results