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  1. Now Hiring for 2020!!! Bristol Co, MA Colleen Dahmer & The Devil Sinz Haunt that's so Intense, and Psychological, you have to see it for yourself?

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    Inspired by the CLOSED House of Shock in New Orleans and Spookyworld in Berlin, Massachusetts, this Intense and Psychological Haunted House isn't your typical quiet Neighborhood Haunted House. Why? Because Colleen Dahmer And The Devil Sinz of Bristol County, Massachusetts have CREATED this to...
  2. Halloween Jobs

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    Delete if not allowed, please. I am not hiring anyone, or looking (here) for a Halloween related job. BUT, I did do a search on Indeed...thought there might be something here some of you fair degenerates* would be interested in. https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Halloween&l= *it's a compliment...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Snow Machine.

    Halloween Props
    Does anyone have experience with snow machines? Finally got my wife on board for a theme I've wanted and I want snow, In Florida. Was thinking of hiring a professional as well. Opinions? *I'm starting now as I'm really tired of waiting until the last moment.