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  1. Hello from germany

    General Halloween
    Hello everybody. I recently created my account here and thought I should introduce myself. I'm a 39yo father of 2 amazing kids who are, just as myself, totally into Halloween. Last year I put up some window projections using some old LED projectors and AtmosfearFX video material (zombie...
  2. Mechanical: Cauldron creep help

    Halloween Props
    I made a Cauldron Creep in 2016, my first attempt and it turned out well however the whole unit just kept moving some much and eventually the whole thing would tip over. I want to use it again for this year as it was such a hit but I don't want the whole thing to tip over again. I just want the...
  3. Hello from Stoke-On-Trent, UK.

    Member Introduction
    Just a quick message to introduce myself and say 'Hello' to everyone. I came across this forum while browsing the net and I'm really keen to learn and share Halloween hints and tips from other members aswell as reading conversations already posted in the forum. So, 'hello' and thanks for...
  4. Other: Show Me Your Tool - No Really, I Mean It

    Halloween Props
    Do you have a special tool or piece of equipment that you've rigged to make your prop-building go faster and easier? Or use readily available items to substitute for a tool you don't have? If so, please share! Here's mine - I have been doing a lot of paper mache work, and created this to help...