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  1. Prop Showcase: Mt Ogden Manor Shark Tank 2017

    Halloween Props
    We added a Shark Tank to our Circus area this year. We got the video from Hi-rez Designs and it was a hit with the crowds! Here's a pic during setup and 2 video links Shark Tank in action Walking into Shark Tank
  2. Hi-Rez Designs: New Halloween Visual FX for 2017

    For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings from Hi-Rez Designs, Halloween 2017 is quickly approaching, so why not take your haunt to the next level by adding one of Hi-Rez Designs All-New 2017 Halloween Visual FX products. For more information or to visit our online store, go to www.hi-rezdesigns.com MONSTER IN-A-BOX 2.0...
  3. Other: Hi-Rez Designs - NEW FOR 2017 SEASON

    Halloween Props
    First glimpse at the Hi-Rez Designs 2017 product line, https://www.hi-rezdesigns.com/store/home.php?cat=267 Ooh. Aah. Can't wait for the demo videos to be posted to youtube. wbn
  4. Hi-Rez Designs: 20%-30% OFF Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now!

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  5. All Hi-Rez Design Visual FX DVDs and Downloads on sale @ MonsterGuts.com

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Greetings fellow Monsters! We just wanted to let you know we've just added the entire Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX product line to our online store in DVD, HD, and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD formats! These spectacular, Hollywood-Quality Special Visual-FX products will absolutely take your haunt to the next...
  6. Pneumatic: Zombie Containment Unit

    Halloween Props
    I am intending to build a full size zombie containment unit using all the parts available from Hi-Rez Designs. I understand this will be quite an undertaking and was wondering if anyone here has built such a device?
  7. Hi-Rez Designs: Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale Starts NOW!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    HI-REZ DESIGNS - BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY SALE STARTS NOW! Hi-Rez Designs has now made ALL of our award-winning visual fx products available for digital download on the Hi-Rez Designs (www.hi-rezdesigns.com) website. Now you can INSTANTLY purchase and download any visual fx product you want...
  8. Electronic/Software: Need help with DTMF board

    Halloween Props
    A couple years ago we bought the Hi-Rez DVD Criminally Insane. This year we wanted to add the flickering light triggered off the DVD via DTMF. Instead of buying the Hi-Rez decoder we got a generic one off eBay. They look virtually identical. Of course we can't seem to get it to work! Everything...
  9. Atmosphere Effects: Zombie Containment - looking for alternatives

    Halloween Props
    Like many others here, I'm starting to design my more complex props and one of which will be a zombie containment box and/or barrel (haven't decided yet). I was wondering if anyone knows of cheaper alternatives to the videos that Hi-Rez Designs makes (see below). I like what they have because...
  10. Hi-Rez Designs: Black Friday 2014 SALE Starts Now - Save 20%

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    Hi-Rez Designs “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” is starting RIGHT NOW! Whether you are buying for yourself, or that special someone for Christmas, this is your ONLY chance to purchase our top-quality Halloween / Visual FX products at a fraction of the regular price! Instead of us going through the entire...
  11. Hi-Rez Designs: New 2014 Visual FX and Interactive Special FX for your Haunt!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings fellow haunters, As you know, we don't send out many newsletters or do big posts like this unless we have something important to say or inform you about ... Well, we have some great news we want to share with you ... The new Hi-Rez Designs 2014 Product line-up are all available -...
  12. Looking for HI-REZ BUGS DVD

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    If you know of where i could get a good deal on on this dvd or maybe want to trade, I have an unopened video projector Brand new still in the box that i could trade for it..... (BUGS) http://www.frightprops.com/video-visual-effects/effects-dvds/bugs-volume-1-dvd-hd.html Also looking for (vol...
  13. Hi-Rez Designs: Pirates of the Caribbean - 2011 Halloween Home Haunt Display

    General Halloween
    HI-REZ DESIGNS: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - 2011 HALLOWEEN HOME HAUNT DISPLAY VIDEO - LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 31st, 2011 This is our personal home haunt "Pirates of the Caribbean" show taking over 6 months to design, build, program, and assemble in the atrium of our home. The atrium is a 20' x...
  14. 30% OFF SALE: Hi-Rez Designs Halloween Prop / Visual FX DVDs - for a limited time!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings fellow haunters, HI-REZ DESIGNS is pleased to announce we will be adding 4 new Visual FX DVD titles and new "Atmosfear Digital Audio Series" products to our online store at the end of March, 2011. But until then, we have put all our currently in stock Visual FX DVD products ON SALE...