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  1. Halloween Props
    I wanted to share an easy way to bulk up your character props. Pick up an adult super hero costume. It already has the muscles correctly proportioned. Really helped with my headless horseman prop.
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    I bought a bunch of new old stock masks from a local store and I have been able to id all but this one. Anyone know what super hero this is? Looks like he has exploding rocks coming out of his head. Any help you give would be appreciated.
  3. Member Introduction
    Hello Just signed up because I love all things Halloween and love to celebrate them! Also saddened by the passing of Wes Craven (a hero of mine) but I am currently working through some of his best films! Hope you lot are friendly
  4. Halloween Crafts
    Here is the second piece in my new series of Super Hero's and Villains dedicated to my Comic-Con fans. The first in the series was modeled after Spawn and was very well received in 2013. I plan on creating a new Hero or Villain every year. I mean when you think about it, how much more...
1-4 of 10 Results