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  1. Static: Hospital Signs? Ideas?

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone! I am having a haunted asylum theme this year and I was looking for ideas for how to make the hospital signs. Mainly for room signs like "morgue," "surgery/lobotomy room,"office," etc. Trying to get as realistic as possible on a budget you know? I have tried pinterest and searching...
  2. Ragdoll Patterns

    Is there anybody by chance who has knowledge or are will to share tips and hints on How to make a Ragdoll? Im about to set out and make some. Im wanting to start with fabric, but make a long skinny doll. Anywhere from 18"-21" with a round head and perhaps paint on face. Im initially...
  3. Blogging and Forums

    Hello, I'm not sure how to get this going, but if anybody can I'd love some help, tips, and pointers on how to start and what to do for Blogs and using Forums. I've looked through gaming ones before but after so long i still don't know how to use or create them. I really only know the "Bump"...
  4. Other Monster mud probem! HELP!

    Halloween Crafts
    This is my first time using monster mud so I decided to just start with tombstones. They seamed easy enough. I was given some free styrofoam from my work and I decided to use that just to see if I would even be able to do it. Plus I looked around online and saw that a lot of people still used...
  5. Halloween Game Stations?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So we are planning a Halloween Party, we hosted on last year and realized people really liked being able to play games at their leisure. Thatl way we aren't forcing them to play but they still have fun, we used monopoly money as prizes, and at the end of the night we will have a prize auction...
  6. Static: Making tombstones for the first time, smooth coating?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, this year I want to start making my own tombstones. I figured I could make it out of some nice green foam from the flower section, it's easy to mold. However, other foams like the pink/blue foam are cheaper, I heard they are harder to mold without the right tools. I want to try...
  7. Looking for "Walls Keep Talking" video

    Halloween Music
    The YouTube user who had the wonderful old Haunted House video of the song "The Walls Keep Talking" has taken it down. Has anybody seen it elsewhere? You can still find the Gene Kruppa version, but I really want the "story" video. Thanks!