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  1. Static: Help on my cadaver

    Halloween Props
    I am planning on making a cadaver for a funeral scene and was trying to figure out what to use for the head and hands. I was planning on using a general poseable dummy, but wasn't sure about replacing the head and hands, using a mask, or maybe creating them from scratch. Thanks in advance for...
  2. Calling all Yard Haunters need your expertise!

    General Halloween
    Sorry for the lack of posts and reply's to threads but I have been setting up my yard for this years decorations!. This is my first year doing this by myself and I need ideas for my yard and I have a nice budget so throw anything at me and I will consider every comment on this Thread. I hear you...
  3. Help: Graveyard Wow factor prop

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I am trying to lock down my theme this year with somewhat of a late start. I typically fill a 4,000sq foot tent with a full theme each season for a party. Typically each theme has had a very grand prop in the center for a wow factor. Last year I did wild west and had a mechanical bull, the...
  4. Other: Help Wanted - Re-Creating an Old Prop Monster Barrel

    Halloween Props
    Years ago I made a prop, that for whatever reason I now have no pictures of (My photo hard drive did crash earlier this year). I've got most of my photos back - Yay! Anyway.... when we had our Halloween parties/haunts we went with a different method each year to distinguish who was a guest and...
  5. Fog: Fog machine advice! Professional advice only!

    Halloween Props
    I work at Party City. We sell 1000W fog machines and 400W ground fog machines. We recently discontinued the ground fog juice. I've had customers asking if the regular juice will work in the ground fogger and work the same. I told them yes but the liquid fog we sell isn't as dense as the ground...
  6. HELP!!! I suddenly have to revamp my yard! Need ideas!

    General Halloween
    UGGGGHHHH!!! I got my 3D, full size paper mache tombstones out this weekend to fix them up and they are unusable. They have "collapsed" under their own weight and have yellowed severely (used marine grade urethane). It would take a LOT of time to repair them (IF it's possible) and honestly I...
  7. Static: Help!! Prop hunt!! Tree faces fro spirit!

    Halloween Props
    So I have been desperately looking for more of these awesome Tree Faces I got from Spirit Halloween quite a long time ago, I am thinking about 10 maybe 11 years ago. They are some of my favorite pieces I own and I would love to find more! They are about 13 inches tall and came with Glow in the...