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  1. Halloween Props
    Is it possible for someone to send me a photo of the gear box inside so I can see how to put the gears back together? I have been given this Prop in a dismantled state as the previous owner tried to fix it when a few of the gears broke. I have since 3d printed new gears but I cannot for the life...
  2. Halloween Music
    We were shopping in the Spirit Halloween store yesterday when this song came on. We spent a good while trying to Google it with no luck. I’m hoping one of you guys knows what song this is. It’s a great Halloween/pop jam. I’ve linked the video for the end of the song when we finally came to our...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello Everyone! I need some help with ideas for a countdown display. I saw the attached picture and got motivated to do something with a countdown in my front yard. Please share any ideas you have done or seen or just thought about. I would need something to be weather proof (rain , wind and who...
  4. Halloween Props
    I bought a Gemmy animated Leatherface a couple of years ago and the eyes recently stopped moving and I need help on how to open up the head and fix the eye turning. I noticed a couple of staples going around the neck and I figured that you need to remove those but I don't know if there is a...
  5. General Halloween
    Hey all working on this year's halloween setup and we decided on a freakshow/carnival theme. We have most of it planned out but I am having issues with a couple things and hope to get some advice. 1. The main tent is slatted to be a freakshow and I want to do actual displays instead of posters...
  6. Halloween Props
    Hello! I recently pulled my Hauntress out of storage and it no longer is working. I checked the adapter with another prop and it is working. But the control box is no longer making her scream sound. I think it is the control box. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  7. Member Introduction
    I’ve been working on props and animatronics for the past 10 years. I’ve designed pneumatic systems and proper distribution systems for all their spooky needs. I offer consultation services and also repair services. I came across this website. I’ve enjoyed my time at the haunt I have worked with...
  8. Halloween Props
    Hello to anyone reading this! I need some help. My Pumpkin Guardian of the Grave telescoping module isn't working at all, he won't rise up. I tried to open the thing up but there is a stripped screw so I won't be able to open it. If anyone knows what is wrong with it and knows a solution or has...
  9. General Halloween
    I have had a TON of rain in GA this Halloween season, which has caused a lot of my beef netting to get muddy. Do you wash your beef netting? What is the best way to do so without it becoming a tangled mess in the wash? Thanks!
  10. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Okay so I'm doing a 90s horror themed birthday, I have another post if you want to help with suggestions! But I needed the poll because okay, not all my friends love horror or have watched much themselves, SO I don't know how I'm going to deliver the scavenger hunt. Check the poll for what I...
  11. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So i’m going to a halloween party this weekend and i’m going to cross dress for the party with a halloween creepy vibe. But the party is a bit away for me and i won’t be able to west this costume the whole evening its way to cold. So i want to switch to an easier costume a bit in the party and...
    Hello. I am looking for a really creepy decoration idea to put in our swing in the front yard. Our trick or treater turnout is normally pretty low so we are trying to change the. Our budget is about 30$ and appreciate any help we can get. Thank you.
  13. For Sale By Merchants
    Hello, I've never been on a forum before... all new to me. I'm Faith. I'm a mom of one little monster. I've been working really hard on a Halloween Clothing and Decor store and wondered - as I haven't had any sales yet - if there may be some Halloween experts here who might be willing to give...
  14. Halloween Props
    So I bought the hearse from home depot yesterday and the side lanterns will not turn on the light anyone have any ideas? Home depot just says return it to the store. But they dont have anymore. Thanks
  15. Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for life sized skulls and skeletons in any condition. Free is preferred, but a modest price will be good too. I am trying to rebuild my studio after a major set back. Thanks!
  16. Halloween Props
    Is there a way to make this fog machine shoot fog on its own? Is there a special controller you can buy that does it for you? Is there a way to modify the controller itself? I’m open to almost any suggestions. I just got it at a Walmart today. It has skeleton hands on the side if that helps.
  17. Halloween Crafts
    I’ve cast my monster clay sculpture in hydro cal, the mould making went fine, but now I’m trying to dig it out and I have a problem, I used an expanding foam core inside my monster clay that I made by spraying foam into a mannequins face, the foam was not soft but soft enough that I could squash...
  18. Halloween Music
    This year my mother and I (I'm 18) have decided to use myself as a living Halloween Decoration. I play Saxophone, Bass, Lute, Banjo, and most importantly...Organ! I am going to sit in our front yard and play some spooky organ music as people walk by. My problem is I can't find much resources in...
1-18 of 18 Results