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  1. Skeletal Hands and Arms for the Hellmouth

    You're having a good time when you have all your tools out for a project. I'm trying to find a simple way to make skeletal arms/hands for use in my Hellmouth grate for the front garden. I want to design this project so that – 1) each hand can be created quickly and easily (an hour, not days)...
  2. Hauntcast 51, come and get it!

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    Hauntcast Minions! Hauntcast 51 " I know who you did last Summer" is available for your listening displeasure at http://hauntcast.net . HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Chris gets mouthy with Troy Franz of Halloween Hellmouth. GHOULIE GROOVES: Dead Bundy and the Neat, Neat, Neats tear it up on the...