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  1. Halloween Props
    Hello, I recently purchased a Helga the fortune teller MR124150 off a local for sale forum. The prop is complete but the previous owner removed the plug in wiring pins from the circuit board to disassemble for storage. I was curious if anyone has this prop and can take a picture of the circuit...
  2. General Halloween
    I have Amazon Prime and $70 in gift cards for it. I know my prices when it comes to Halloween decorations and feel that quite a few stuff on it is very over priced. My question to you, the living, is what should I spend it on prop wise? Was there something that you would suggest? I'm looking at...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi, I just purchased Helga the Fortune Teller from a yard sale. There are no instructions on how to put her together in the box. Does anyone know where I can get instructions on how to put her together or can anyone tell me how to put her together please? :)
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I was at a year-round Halloween Express today, and found two of my favorite decorations while I was there: Helga the Fortune Teller and Mathilda the Crone. They seemed to be a decent price, so I am planning on buying one of the two. However, I cannot decide which one I want to buy...
1-4 of 4 Results